April 26, 2015

Courting the Pregnant Goddess.

Riss Carlyon (pictured) taken by Trent Mitchell

There are pregnant days that feel far from abundant, weepy ones, nauseous ones, the days that feel as if I’m inhabiting a stranger’s body.

Where the idea of getting my Goddess on seems farcical at best.

The mama transformation rates as epic in the experience of most women. Up there with the grandest of life adventures and achievements. In pregnancy and birth, woman becomes the creator of new life and, in the process, the creator of her own destiny.

This embodiment of creation is the realm of the Goddess—her juicy, watery, emotional, powerful, sensual den.

She is in charge here, and well worth romancing, as she possesses the key to the bubbling brook of our abundance.

Courting the Goddess in pregnancy, indulging and communing with her now is necessary.

A practiced state of abundance is more swiftly returned to, once our little human arrives and the grand adventure truly begins.

Five practices for courting the pregnant goddess.

Practice the art of cocooning regularly. Drop out of life’s whirl momentarily. Find a sweet cosy corner in your home and stay there. Turn off your phone. Unplug. Create a book pile. Be. Sleep. Just be.

A Goddess simply must be adorned. Flowing kimonos, perfume, ravishing lipstick, fabulous prints, jewels, flowers and feathers in your hair. Light up your goddess. Listen to what she’s seeking. Mine requested fabulous new yoga tights for my post-baby adventure back onto the mat. Indulge her.

Pregnancy is such a bodily experience, support your physical self with regular massage dates, self massage, fragrant baths and essential oils. Involving your partner will keep the Goddess especially delighted.

Sensual movement:
Indulge movement that makes you feel alive, feminine and sensual. Yoga is perfect. If you’re used to more dynamic forms, try slow and flowing yoga, yin yoga and restorative yoga. Attend dance classes, grab your girlfriends and arrange a dance date or clear your lounge room floor. Swinging hips are happy hips!

On waking send your first thoughts to your growing baby, visualize a bubble of love surrounding and protecting it and bow in wonder to your body and its innate intelligence.
Find a way to connect with earth every day—swim in the sea, sink your feet into the ground, drink the air, sit under a tree, smell flowers.



What it Means to be an Empowered Woman.


Author: Riss Carlyon

Editor: Travis May

Photo: courtesy of Riss Carlyon (pictured) taken by Trent Mitchell

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