April 19, 2015

How to Use your Body to get what you Want.

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It has been said that our bodies are the vehicles for our souls.

And, sometimes, it is hard to tell who or what is driving.

I know for sure that we all want something.

Desires well up from unseen realms and propel us into action. But, how do we get in the driver’s seat? How do we take action in an intelligent way?

We can rapidly manifest if we learn three things:

How to ask.

How to let go.

And how to be more interested in the inspiration than the manifestation.

These are not easy traits to come by, as cultivating them often depends on the environment in which we immerse ourselves.

I live in a place I like to refer to as Treasure Island (which is a reference from the movie Pinocchio).

Boulder, Colorado is where people come to get in touch with the healing arts and train for Olympic-level athletics. There is a commerce here like none I’ve seen in other places I’ve lived.

It’s common for healers to trade their talents with one another. And on a snowy Spring day I did just that with one of my dear friends and fellow healer.

I, of course, cannot barter relationship counseling for other services. The law doesn’t allow it.

My friend, Ms Fox, and I agreed that she would grace me with her talents in cranial-sacral healing and in turn I would work with her using my clairvoyant skills.

The day before we agreed upon this trade, was one of those days where all energies flowed to a place of serenity and calm.

I met with a man, that I connected with on the dating app Tinder. We had a lovely walk down Pearl Street Mall. He had only been to Boulder once in his youth. The conversation was easy and the exchange evoked feelings of confidence and curiosity. This set a tone for the day.

The next event to follow was even more spontaneous. I needed to get food, so I went to the local Whole Foods and asked my body, “What do you want to eat?” The notion that I needed a hearty meal with a good amount of protein came to mind. So, I ordered a BBQ pulled-pork sandwich.

After checking out I situated myself at one of the lengthy bar-like areas that provides a view of the parking-lot and the people coming and going.

People watching in Boulder is like having a museum of fine art move in front of me. The women here are like raw gemstones and the men are like trees—some saplings and others are like old oak groves.

I devoured my sandwich and inquired with a friend about her goings-on for the day. She replied, “Let’s go to Tonic and get oxygen”. I finished up at Whole Foods and headed to one of my favorite haunts in town.

Tonic is tucked away on the west end of Pearl Street Mall. The owner, Mark, serves herbal potions and medicinal cocktails with names like aura cleanser, magic mug’o love, and valor to his patrons. It is a place where plant medicine meets chill-axing. It is a place where the senses are delighted and the chairs are cozy to curl up in.

I arrived first and then my friend showed up. We flipped through the extensive menu and made our selections. Conversation between us was like a metronome. The place was quiet and as we absorbed the oxygen into our bodies I looked over to see my healer friend come through the door.

This was an unplanned rendezvous that was met with glee at the sheer serendipity of it all.

I introduced the ladies to one another. We visited for a bit and then my healer friend told me she had a cancelation in her schedule and we could trade at one-in-the-afternoon the next day.

I was delighted and agreed.

Time continued to unfold at a congenial pace. The next day came and I met with Ms. Fox. She invited me into her quaint abode and I kicked off my snow soaked boots.

She gave me some water and we agreed, as one has to do when trading, that I would receive first. I climbed onto her massage table and let my body melt into the present moment. She placed a luxurious blanket on top of me and I surrendered to her intelligent touch.

Each place she touched evoked a memory or sensation. It is as if my body was a key board and with each gentle hold a new tone was released and reconfigured. I drifted in and out of conscious awareness. The session ended with the sound of a singing bowl.

I thanked her and then we traded places.

I’m always amazed when I get out of my own way and let Spirit guide me.

Each intuitive session I offer is like a fingerprint.

On that particular day, at that particular moment, energetic work was called for. So, rather than talk to individuals that crossed over or answer specific questions about her love life, I brought my attention to her Chakras.

The session was detailed and involved as we aligned her energy centers, one at a time starting from the root and working up.

It was then that I realized the relationship between energy, bodies and manifestation.

There are two primary perspectives on the composition of the body.

The first is the mechanistic view, which essentially proposes that all energy from the body comes from the firing of the nervous system that then creates an electro-magnetic field.

The second view is the vitalistic system, which postulates that the aura or energy field creates the body’s morphology. On any given day, both are correct.

And when viewing the body from my psychic perspective, I saw that the key relationship between etheric energy and physicality is emotions.

If we want to learn how to rapidly manifest thought into current reality, then we must pay attention to sensation.

Emotion and sensation are one in the same. Sensation tends to be less abstract than emotion. It is easy to tell if we are cold, hot, speedy, lethargic, foggy, horny, hungry or tired. Pain is the most obvious of sensations—although we don’t always know its origins.

Once we feel sensation we can understand how to ask for what we want; naturally more of what feels good.

Then let it go. Don’t fixate—navigate.

I have the gift of seeing colors when I touch people and much like reading a map, the colors I see clue me into the health and emotional state of the person I am touching.

Ms. Fox was primarily blue. This is the color of communication, integrity and expression. The throat chakra is mainly associated with telling the truth.

Ms. Fox had several truths expanding and contracting within her energy field. In the time we spend together I acted as a conduit for Spirit to help her come to a place of empowerment and her energy to a place of fluid balance.

The second most powerful tool in using our body to get what we want is to bring it into balance by manually expressing your breath.

Inspiration and expiration are automatic functions of the cardiovascular system that once awareness is brought to them can be enhanced into something much more magical.

Humans mainly sip their breath. And if we want to come into a state of relaxed control then breathe deeply. It creates space in the mind and the body.

When space is present it also allow for the vibration of invitation to be dominate in one’s field. In simple terms, we become the party that our desires will R.S.V.P. to.

Body, heart, and soul can either be in concert with one another or dissonant.

Sexuality and beauty are often referenced as answers to the question, “How do I get what I want?” It’s all energy and much like  music our bodies can exude beauty or noise.

The reason aesthetic matters is because like attracts like. It’s harmonic. We gravitate towards beauty, which, of course, is in the eye of the beholder.

So, if we want to use our bodies to get what we want, be beautiful.

I believe the whole reason high heels exist is because it accentuates the length of the leg, pulls the calf muscle taught and causes curves to swerve. High heels heighten visibility.

That being said—a smile, a jalopy hairdo and some Victora’s Secret sweats can be damn sexy if the woman wearing them feels beautiful.

This isn’t just a cliché. If you believe you are what you think you are, you will emanate that.

If you treat your body like a canvas for expression, then you will be a work of art. If you allow it to be a vestal for inspiration then the things you manifest into the world will be in alignment with your purpose.

We are not all born roses.

There are less violent flowers in a garden.

Lastly, from the lyrics of the one and only Britney Spears, if you want to use your body to get what you want, “You better work bitch!”


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Author: Rebekah McClaskey

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

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