April 30, 2015

Last Night I had Sex with Russell Brand: the Lazy Person’s Guide to Better Orgasms.

Last night I had sex with Russell Brand.

Yup, that’s right. This guy.

Russell Brand

It was the hottest sex I’ve had in quite a while—and I went into a full-body, incredibly blissful, super intense orgasm. It was the most powerful orgasm I have ever experienced.

And it all happened while soundly asleep, dreaming. Yes, as you may have guessed already, my Russell Brand tryst happened in a dream.

I’m a big fan of dreams, and I spent almost three years working with a teacher who uses dreams as a gateway into both exploring the inner workings of our psyches, and tapping into our full potentials.

I’ve learned that characters often show up in our dreams to help us viscerally experience our full potential—a potential that is just waiting to be realized and expressed in our waking lives.

So, in this dream, Russell was there to help me tap into my next level of orgasmic potential. If I can experience that level of mind-blowing, blissful orgasm in my dream, I can experience it in my waking life too.

As a sex and relationship coach, orgasmic potential is something I think about a lot. In my private practice, I work with many women who have low-libido, pelvic-pain issues and/or difficulty orgasming.

Often, when they work with me, they spontaneously start having orgasmic dreams. These dreams are there to show them what’s possible and to wake up the orgasmic energy that already lives inside them; they have just cut themselves off from it for various reasons.

Even if your sex life is great, I can guarantee you have not fully tapped into the depths of your orgasmic potential. None of us have, because our orgasmic potential is exponential. There is always more to discover!

It’s possible that after reading this article, you might spontaneously have your own orgasmic dream. But if you don’t, fear not! Because I’m going to share with you my five-step process for tapping into the dream world and using it to wake up your orgasmic potential.

On a piece of paper write something like this:

Dear Dream World (or subconscious, or higher knowing, or whatever works for you),

Please give me a dream that will show me my full orgasmic potential. (You can ask this question with regard to anything, not just orgasm.)

Thank you,

Your Name

2.    Put the piece of paper under your pillow.

3.    Set the intention to remember your dreams. If you don’t normally remember your dreams, don’t worry! If you put intention towards remembering them, you will.

4.    As soon as you wake up, write down anything you remember, paying particular attention to any sensations you felt in the dream. If you don’t have a dream that night, don’t fret, just ask again the next night.

5.    During the next few days after the dream, revisit the dream in your mind. Allow yourself to tap back into the sensations in the dream so they can become a part
 of your waking life.

Now you have increased your orgasmic potential simply by going to sleep at night! That’s why I sometimes refer to this process as The Lazy Person’s Guide to Better Orgasms.

Sweet dreams.

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Author: Sarah Kennedy

Editor: Caroline Beaton

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