April 16, 2015

Love Me When.


Love me when you’re free.

When you have already broken through those walls of guilt and careful escapes.

Love me when you have already cleared the foggy memory of what used to be,
and what should be.

Love me when you finally get to have a say
on what makes you happy and what’s best for you.

Love me when you get tired of running,
when your bones give up,
and all you want to do is climb into your ruins
and sleep without a care in the world.

Love me when you finally get tired of pacing back and forth,
when you finally learn how to fight for yourself,
when you finally learn how to fight for us.

Love me once this long and winding chapter of your life is over,
and I promise that we will make a better, happier one.

A chapter without indecision, without doubt, without darkness and fear.
A chapter whose brightness would spread
until the very end of our days.
A chapter with no inhibitions, no secrets, no sadness.

Where we can love freely, without having to pay the price of judgement.

So honey, until then,
I will patiently stand and look at your eyes
from a faraway distance,
dreaming of the day when we can finally love for free.



Love Me Like This

Author: Julianne Marie Leybag

Assoc. Editor: Kendra Hackett / Editor: Travis May

Image: Flickr

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