April 23, 2015

Recognizing & Trusting Intuitive Guidance.


Have you met anyone who has never had a gut feeling?

While once a mysterious realm, emotions and feelings are being understood for what they are. A common language has been developing for us to communicate and share the sublime experiences of these subtler aspects of life and experience. This is why so many people know what a gut feeling is, and can describe how it feels.

It’s a language of emotional intelligence and intuitive guidance.

Words remain incomplete and incapable of expressing in fullness the experiences of intuitive insight. How does somebody describe the nuances of a gut feeling? It’s a hunch. It’s just known to be what it is.

Where do these hunches come from? From deep within and in ways that defy rational explanation. The qualities of a gut feeling may even be contrary to common wisdom, or what other people think is right.

Intuitive, gut guidance has a felt-sense of calm assuredness.

It is absent of emotion, and remains unswayed by moods. It’s the sense that something isn’t right, a disturbance in the force, regardless that everything appears to be fine.

Trusting in this basic human trait, built into every one of us, has challenges.

Doubt is easy, accepting the viewpoints of society or others, undermines this guidance.

Intuitive intelligence is a talent that can be developed. To be strengthened it needs to be used. It’s as simple as listening and acting on this guidance again and again. Sometimes, one will fail. Through time, the merits of listening to one’s heart and soul will unveil deeper ways of relating to life, experience and people.

Interpreting intuitive perceptions with the rational mind is fraught with danger. The mind can easily misinterpret the subtleties and nuances that stem from deep within one’s being.

It is my opinion that intuitive intelligence is an inherent, built-in ancestral guidance.

They are all the experiences and culmination of experiences from our forbears, as carried within the DNA that creates our physical bodies, the beliefs and attitudes the family used to adapt and survive.

Valuing the body, the mind and experiences, and nurturing our natural talents is integrative, enriching and invigorating. There is far more strength and power inherent within each of us than we know.

Amazingly powerful survival instincts are hard-wired into our psyches. Intuition is one of the most important. It relates to the energetic and magnetic systems of our hearts and nervous systems, receiving signals far more subtle than sight, scent, sound, taste and touch.

The seventh sense demands listening and receptivity that constantly challenges perceptions about people, the world and life. Ones intuition may be screaming warning for no reason, and acting on it may not reveal a reason why. It’s been my good fortune to have seen my life been spared more than one time listening to this intuitive sense.

Dreams, stand-out phrases heard over the din of a crowd, words on a billboard, a song…all and more are ways our inner self attempts to communicate with the rational mind. In those moments there is a great deal more happening. It is for a reason that these high-points stick out, almost surrealistically at times, and are brought into conscious awareness.

Sometimes we can feel the whole puzzle and answer at once. The pieces and understanding may take time to come together. Perhaps we only have a glimpse, and without seeing more, don’t act on it.

At the core of intuitive wisdom is the need for self-trust, self-knowledge, integrity within that, acting faithfully in one’s self, and always unlearning what blinds us to that.

The origins of our bodies and the mystery of life is far greater than any of us can imagine.

Be imaginative. Be intuitive. Be alive.


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Author: Keith Artisan

Editor: Travis May

Photo: http://fistfuloftalent.com/

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