May 1, 2015

3 Ways to Know if You are About to Have the Most Exciting Relationship of Your Life.


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Have you ever wished that an exciting man (or woman) would just walk into your life, bowl you over, knock your socks off and a thrilling love relationship would be born?

Well as they say: be careful of what you wish for!

An exhilarating romance may soon come into your life in one of three ways—if the planet Uranus enters your 1st House, 5th House or 7th House of your horoscope.

A New, Exciting You  

When Uranus transits your 1st House of your personality you become a risk-taker and unusual people come into your life when you’re out in public. Your life has an exciting quality to it, where you feel like there is only blue sky ahead of you and anything is possible.

The influence of Uranus will awaken a deep need within you to freely express your individuality especially when it comes to romance. Consciously and unconsciously, you’ll feel compelled to be true to yourself, living your life according your own desires, interests and preferences. It’s like somebody gave you a “get out of jail free card.”

You’re feeling like you can have a romance with anyone you want and there’s no one to stop you.

You’re open to new romantic experiences like meeting men (or women) different than those you’ve had relationships with in the past. That guy you see every day at the bus stop—the one with the tattoos and nose ring you said you’d never be interested in even if he was “the last man on earth”—he now seems fascinating. The ethnic person your parents would never approve your dating seems so exotic! You can hardly wait to say, “Mom, Dad, guess who’s coming for dinner?”

The sense of excitement you feel brings you a new outlook on your life, which makes this an ideal time to have the most exciting romance of your life.

Any relationship, be it a friendship or even marriage that has severely limited or restricted you may break-up or come to an abrupt end during Uranus’ transit of the 1st House. A new one may begin just as quickly. Instinctually, you realize it’s an exciting time for you to pursue your own destiny, which includes the freedom that only a new relationship can give you at this time.

A Liberating Romance

When Uranus transits the 5th House of your birth chart, it’s an exciting time of life to seek out new ways of self-expression and creativity. You’re feeling free to experiment, and have experiences you’ve never had before. If you do this, Uranus will bring you liberation, freedom and newness into your life, especially in the area of love and romance.

So, if you’ve started off the New Year by telling a friend, “I would love to have an exciting romance come into my life,” well, you’re going to enjoy Uranus transiting your 5th House. It’s likely to bring you an unusual love relationship. A romance you experience at this time will force you to break from any conventional tendencies you might have, to ones that are more flexible and adaptable.

That’s precisely what will make it exciting for you.

Be prepared to experience romances that are passionate, exciting, volatile, but not necessarily long-lasting. They may turn into “on/off, on/off,” relationships that are quite unstable.

That may be the very element that excites you most about it.

Another feature of romantic relations during this Uranus transit is that you may encounter an unusual relationship with someone you would normally not have a romance, such as someone of a different social class, ethnicity, or of very different age than you. You may find yourself saying, “I can’t believe I’m going out with a man so rich!” or “I can’t believe I’m going out with a woman from that part of the world,” or “I can’t believe I’m going out with someone so young!”

Since Uranus brings the influence of volatility to romances, you may find you attract many exciting romances that suddenly start as passionate affairs, yet end just as quickly. Or, a love affair may suddenly come into your life, causing an end to a relationship that had existed in your life for some time.

Uranus energies bring great instability to a relationship at this time. But they’re so exciting because they take you away from the more routine, predictable relationships you’ve had in the past. In fact, if such a relationship eventually becomes too stable and routine, you may no longer remain interested because you’ll be bored. After all, it’s the very instability of the relationship that keeps you fascinated and excited to keep it going.

Such is the nature of Uranus’ influence on romance as it transits this House.

Uranus energies demand freedom!

So, even if you do find yourself enjoying the excitement and passion of new romance, you’ll resent any attempt by the other person to tie you down and take away your freedom. In other words, you will not tolerate a new love interest becoming possessive of you. Therefore, you should enjoy dating and short-term relationships, even if they don’t last a long time.

Actually, you may find yourself purposely, “playing the field,” avoiding long-term commitments at this time, since they may restrict you socially. You may want to be free as a bird during this transit. If Uranus is transiting your 5th House of love and romance, expect the unexpected!

A Radical Change

With Uranus going through your 7th House of relationships, this is a period in your life when you’ll likely experience a breakthrough in your search for an exciting romantic partner.

You may be saying, “Hallelujah, I need one!”

The influences of this Uranus transit can bring you a sense of freedom, excitement and even new insight in your relationships, making them fresher and more alive. It’s an ideal time to be innovative and experimental in discovering how you can fulfill your needs and desires in a relationship.

You’re likely to see potential partners in a new light that will excite you.

As a single person, you’re likely to be very excited about dating, courtship and having a romantic relationship during this time. You’re enthralled because there’s something edgy and kinky about the new woman you’ve been dating. The man you’ve been seeing over the past few months is always surprising you by taking you to fun places like a train ride through the mountains, the zoo or a roller coaster ride, things you haven’t done since you were kid.

Uranus’ energy requires you be authentic, demanding a new level of honest communication that often requires you act with courage and integrity, letting your partner know how you’re feeling about your relationship. You are in an important period of your life—one which calls for you to eliminate rigid and obsolete ways of behaving in your relationship.

Now it must provide you with greater freedom, creativity and originality in the way it works.

This transit has the ability to transform the way you relate to others. You’ll find that whether you begin, continue, or end a relationship, it will never function in the same way.

Even if you’re already in a relationship, this may be a time when you may be drawn to a new relationship as a way of escaping the dull routine of your old one. There’s something exciting about a new person who comes into your life. A new love relationship or an exciting affair can be a very appealing and thrilling way of escaping from your present relationship. Suddenly, the man who just started coming to your yoga class looks very intriguing. The exotic-looking woman who just moved into your apartment building and gave you a big smile and a warm hello seems so inviting.

Be aware that one of the manifestations of Uranus’ transit through the 7th House is that you may have a wild, unusual and unstable love affair that is often erratic and unreliable. One client enjoyed the excitement of his on-and-off relationship with a flight attendant who he’d see frequently during her 10-day furlough and then not again for two weeks while she was flying. Another client was enthralled with her affair with a foreign exchange student here on a six-month internship, but anxious about what would happen to their relationship when he returned to his country.

Just be prepared: if you do fall in love, this is a time when the romance you attract is likely to be exciting, improbable and rather free-spirited.

It may very well be with someone who’s very different then you, either in ethnicity, age or background. But no matter what, you’re likely to find the relationship exciting and liberating. However, be on notice that relationships that begin during this time often end just as suddenly.

One female client had been faithful her entire 18 year marriage, never thinking of looking at another man. However, here she was: 42 years old and bored with a workaholic husband she hadn’t had sex with in months. She was shocked at herself, flirting with a young man in his late 20s at her gym. But she couldn’t deny that for the first time in her life, the idea of a thrilling sexual affair was exciting.

What was happening to her?

All these people had Uranus transiting their 7th House. Its influence provided each of them the opportunity to break free of their normal way of having a relationship, in favor of the freedom to experiment and create a new, more liberating type of relationship.

This may just be your time to have a thrilling new relationship come into your life that will set you free.




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