May 8, 2015

7 Ways to Become Her Best Lover Yet. {Adult}

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“A good orgasm is satisfying, but a great orgasm can be a revelation of your deepest being, unfolding the truth of who you are in ecstatic communion with your lover.” ~ David Deida

A woman’s pleasure is a powerful and intoxicating force.

A woman’s well-being is affected by the quality and frequency of her sexual and sensual experiences.

It seems that too many women are not experiencing the pleasures they crave during love making—at least in part because many men simply don’t know enough about the female sexual anatomy.

Often, lovemaking is a genital affair consisting of hard and fast sexual intercourse. There is a time and place for that, but what women are yearning for is strength, your masculine energy to be able to hold space for her to surrender to you.

This is how she bonds with you.

Making love is one of life’s greatest pleasures, awareness and attitude can multiply both partners’ sexual pleasure and experience

Here are 7 secrets you can immediately incorporate to your love life to become the Best Lover She’s Ever had:

1. A Good Lover’s Hands Never Stop Moving

Make her body your playground. Awaken her body by touching her everywhere and discovering her hidden pleasure areas. As your hands explore, her breath, eyes, lips, and body will tell you what feels good.

A woman’s sexuality is spread all throughout her body. Knowing which areas to touch and tease will awaken her sensuality and tantalize her to bliss.

Certain parts of a woman’s body are more sensitive to touch, light bites, licks and sounds. Every woman receives pleasure differently and  most women love to be nurtured, teased and touched before they are “pleased.”

2. Access Her Biggest Sexual Organ: Her Mind

Turn on her imagination, before her clitoris, as you excite her emotions and her mind—her body will follow.

Take her sexual mind for a wild ride by sending her erotic and naughty messages. This provokes desire and anticipation beforehand.

Her mind will start racing with all the possibilities of what might happen when she finally sees you. You are taking her out of her daily routine.

3. Hold Safe Space For Her

For a woman to experience a full body orgasm she has to allow herself to let go and be completely vulnerable. This means she has to trust her partner. It’s both people’s jobs to create a safe space for her to completely surrender. The only way she can be taken with intense pleasure is to be relaxed in your presence.

A great way to get her relaxed is to start with a non-sexual massage.

4. Don’t Convince Her…Arouse Her

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is trying to convince her to make love. When you are trying to convince her—in her mind, this translates into an obligation. She feels that she’s obliged to do this for you instead of doing it with you.

Instead, focus on igniting her sexual arousal.

Try whispering something naughty in her ear then walking away. The thrill will drive her wild.

Deep passionate kisses are one of the best ways to excite a woman. Touching her slowly and sensually builds emotional connection. There is no need to rush.

5. Don’t Perform

Remember that this isn’t about you! You are here to offer her pleasure.

Are you putting on a show to impress her? When you perform, you put too much pressure on yourself, because you’re not relaxed enough to enjoy anything. Instead, focus on giving and receiving pleasure.

Making love is not just physical. It’s not an exercise. It’s a sensual pleasurable journey of discovery.

Touch and kiss her in places you’ve never done before. Be aware of how she smells, the way she moves, her breathing, and her eyes—you will give more pleasure than you ever could by mastering a new technique.

6. Develop a Rhythm

Don’t just thrust in and out furiously. Instead, switch it up—slow, sensual, fast, deep. Move with awareness and most importantly, move with her.

7. Be Confident 

Be relaxed, natural, and open. When you are being yourself, things just flow effortlessly.

There is nothing to be ashamed of. Keep an open mind.

If you feel embarrassed she will sense this—remember that you have so much to offer her!

Open your heart and your mind to new possibilities and pleasure.






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Author: Christina Antonyan

Editor: Renée Picard



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