May 19, 2015

Hold the Cream (& the Coffee): 10 Ways to Energize Without Caffeine.

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So, if you didn’t hear, Mercury is back in retrograde.

Yes, again. Sigh.

Here we go again with all the mayhem.

But also, retrograde provides us with an opportunity to revisit things from the past in a healthy way. Personally, I like to use retrogrades to reflect back on my last couple of months, identify things I think were working well and not so well,  get real about at the patterns and habits I’ve upheld, established or lost, and then decide what’s due for a second (or third, or fourth) look.

For example, I might observe that I haven’t been reading as much, consider why, and hunt down my next book. Or, I might realize that for the first time in months my body doesn’t hurt all over and I’m not injured because I stopped overtaxing my muscles regularly, and commit to maintaining what I’m doing now instead of returning to intense exercise.

This go around, I’m focusing on energy—how I use it, how and to what I give it, and how and where I get it. I’m starting with the recharge bit, since as of late the expenditure versus income stats in regards to said life force are looking a bit…exhausted.

And, while I positively adore the brown (green?) bean elixir that makes my world go round, I’m looking at options other than coffee to get me buzzing.

So, based on actual scientific research (premises…), my experience, and the things google tells me, here are my top ten non-caffeine related energizers:

1. B vitamins.

Take one a day, right when you get up but definitely with some food. Prepare yourself for lovely yellow colored urine, a cheery mood and a boost of energy within about 30 minutes. I prefer a B-complex, and also have discovered the magic that exists inside an Emergen-C packet. Seriously, it’s like fairy vitamin dust. Tastes like it too. I think.

2. Get upside down.

No really. Get your head below your heart, it resets the central nervous system and charges things all up, neurons firing and everything. Try a handstand (my favorite, obviously), a headstand, forward fold, prasarita, even a down dog or child’s pose will suffice.

Stuck in a chair? Stop yawning and try a seated forward fold.

3. Lemon water with some honey and a touch of cayenne powder.

This is extra fun for me because I have a mild pepper allergy. But hey, who doesn’t like swollen lips?

4. Speaking of honey…have some.

Have about a tablespoon of that liquid gold. Honey stabilizes blood sugar, which makes all systems go, especially your brain, and your mood, crankypants.

5. Speaking of speaking of things, especially blood sugar, make sure you are hydrated (hello refillable water bottle) and nourished.

A hungry brain is a distracted and tired brain, so feed it. That being said, be sure to balance your complex carbs, fats and proteins well so you don’t go into a carb coma during your 1pm Skype call.

6. Get some vitamin D.

Go for a walk outside and leave your phone in the office. Can’t leave the building? Find a window and take ten deep breaths with it open, then go for a walk, even if it’s just brief. Sun+motion = heart rate up = energy up.

So yes, spend energy to make energy. I know, it sounds contradictory (like me) but try it anyway.

7. Laugh.

Take a ten minute humor break. Just ten minutes, though. Commit to not getting sucked into the vortex of funny available on YouTube and simply throw on a quick comedy bit in the background, listen to a podcast, even scroll through the “humor” tab on pinterest. Get your funny on, but be quick about it.

8. Rock on.  

Throw your hands up, pump up your jams and bump those beats.

I have a playlist just for this- it’s called, fittingly so, “get it crackin’” and includes fine musical works by artists suggesting I back things up, lose my mind, jump around, and other things with explicit lyrics in them. I have zero apologies for this, or my dancing, and am giving a suggestion to make your own playlist. If jazz is more your style, get it. Whatever gives you happy feet.

Oh, and get some headphones, just in case your co-workers aren’t interested it Going Down For Real, again.

9. Get out of your pajamas.

Yes, that’s me, the woman who wears yoga pants like it’s her job (it could be…) suggesting you put on some real actual clothes.


Because putting a little effort into your appearance helps set an intention and change the frequency or vibration you generate. Really. Boring clothes make for a boring day. I’m not suggesting you channel your inner circus clown here, but try a pop of color with an accessory, wear a quirky piece of jewelry, a unique watch or your favorite shoes.

Things have energy too, so be careful what you carry with you.

10. Last one: people, go find some.

Even if you are an introvert. Even if you work from home alone. Even if you are a misanthrope. Okay, well, maybe not that last one but…connecting with your fellow humans, even indirectly, creates a shift in energy.

You don’t even have to talk if that’s not your thing. Ride the elevator (dare you to do it facing inward) a few times. Walk up and down the block or take public transit. Hold an actual conversation with the guy who just made your sandwich. Make eye contact and smile at five people. Yes, this might feel weird at first, and then it won’t. Then, you’ll feel better, they’ll feel better and we can all live in a yellow submarine, or whatever.

Happy. Energized. It works. Try it.


So, here’s to Mercury Retrograde. And learning, and energy.

Time to go forth and play.






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Author: MIchelle Sweezey 

Editor: Renee Picard 

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