May 9, 2015

Let’s go for a Drive. {Adult}


Let’s go for a drive.

Not a drive with a destination or a plan in mind, but our kind of the drive—the one that we make up as we go along.

The kind of drive where the windows are down, so the smell of the cool Summertime mountains can blow in through the windows, tousling my hair like a lover and reminding us both of why we despise the Winter as much as we do.

When Winter has it’s icy grip on all that’s beautiful—we simply can’t be as free. The air doesn’t beckon and seduce us to partake on great adventures, with nothing more than a tank of gas and a little bit of luck.

We always were the wandering type though, don’t you think? Somewhere between where we are supposed to be and where we want to be, is usually where we can be found.

Sidestepping reality and tripping into our dreams, head first, so that we end up dripping in moonshine and sunlight.

It’s the season of endless drives and stargazing. The season of the Universe becoming ripe—full moons and eclipses coming alive and tempting us with the promise of sultry summer nights.

Let’s get lost, or at least try too. Let’s take lefts into our pasts and rights into the future until we end up exactly where we belong.

Let’s find dirt roads with wild germaniums and bachelor buttons coloring the way like fallen stars.

Let’s disappear into the woods with chilled coffees and a blanket, that we can rest upon by the river. I’ll build towers out of the smooth flat rocks while talking about finding inner balance and you’ll forget what you were saying, as you watch the way the light reflects off the water creating rainbows on my skin.

Time will stand still.

Neither of us will remember when we got there, and our forgotten phones will be stashed in the bottoms of heavy pockets and bags now filled with all the stones that I need to take home—because they seem to tell stories to my heart as I run them across my lips tasting the possibility that this season brings.

Walking barefoot over soft, brown dirt and mossy stones we’ll make our way back to your car and I’ll leave treasures for you, that I know you’ll find at another time, when I’m not with you—quietly sneaking small stones and petals into your wallet and glove compartment.

So that no matter what kind of day you have, at some point in the future I’ll know you will smile when you find them, reminding you of this moment—and of me.

Let’s drive in the direction of the wind, or maybe against it, since we always seem to be going in the opposite direction of others.

Let’s turn the music up loud so that the vibrations of it arouses and excites me, as I feel myself become wet with the desire to have your fingertips touching me—gently, playing lightly until I shudder on your hand and throb in your palm, my fingernails digging into your shoulder as I pull you closer to me.

I’ll reach over and slide my hand along your thigh, and maybe up your shorts and whisper in your ear to find somewhere to pull over. I’ll ask if you can find a dirt road because I want to have you inside of me right now, and I don’t want to wait until we are safely home.

As you smile at me, your eyes growing darker, you’ll drive with a newfound urgency. I’ll bite and kiss your neck, letting my fingertips dance along your arms and torso, tracing down, until I can feel you grow hard underneath my touch.

I’ll slowly unzip your shorts, and plead for you once again to find somewhere to pull over—I’ll give you a sly smile as I go down and take all of you in my mouth. You’ll gasp and forget what you were supposed to be doing until you spy that forgotten logging road up ahead—then all with become clear.

In a glen of trees, our laughter creating ripples in the dappled June moonlight—you’ll take me.

My cotton dress pulled up around my hips, my body bare underneath waiting for you. The smell of towering pine trees and mountain laurel intoxicating us-no one will hear our moans and sighs as you bend me over the hood of your car, still hot from driving. No one will hear the language of our bodies as we move against one another, the one we always seem to be fluent in.

We will be in our own little world—just like we always are. Just like we prefer to be.

Afterwards, we might sit on the soft needles leaning against your car, until our breath and legs become steady once again. Or more likely, I’ll take off my dress and spread out naked on the soft welcoming forest floor, with my eyes closed relishing this moment—the moment of being free.

It’s never just a drive when it’s with you and me.

It’s adventure and letting ourselves sink into the journey, so that we don’t even consider the destination.

It’s stops for ice cream along the way, and maybe shots of whiskey and spiked lemonade too. It’s bare feet and flowers in my hair. It’s silence that surrounds us like a blanket and smiles that show the promise of tomorrow.

It’s our kind of drive.

So, just grab your keys and me, because that’s all you really need.

Let’s go for a drive.


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Author: Kate Rose

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

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