May 17, 2015

The Muse of My Heart. {Prose}

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How do you miss someone you haven’t yet met?

Find comfort in a voice that soothes you with familiar, yet unfamiliar words.

Find similarities in two lives set afire, a connection that originates from the level of the Soul.

Almost as if this person were carefully and meticulously placed upon your path to grab your attention—as if to nod yes, come…this is the way.

A green light to the haunting ache of longing. Yearning to fill in the gaps between the veil of love and loneliness.

Inhaling and exhaling and knowing that whatever comes is beyond your control, yet you hold the reins in your trembling hands.

Butterflies set afloat.

Free from the confinement of their cocoons, unattached yet longing to find their way home.

Like True North on a compass. Magnetism pulls and calls out without the words from the Southerly direction that has become so achingly accustomed.

A new direction. A new path.

Seas to sail with no forecast relaying the fate of impending weather. Awaiting deep blue waters.

If a woman’s heart is likened to a deep Ocean of secrets, she longs for him to be a diver. Skilled. Calculated. Patient.

Able to discover her hidden depths, ancient history, and secret treasures.

He takes her breath away, and although she doesn’t know him, everything within her being longs to know him. To explore him. To get lost in his tides.

She pulls him, like the moon—her soft gentle light caressing his deep, darkened waters.

If only for a moment you will hold my heart safe.

My attention completely your own, without thought to the world outside as it continues to spin around us.

The only thing we control in this life is the love that we give, with no thought of whether we will ever get it back in return.

Where does the time go when it comes to matters of the heart?

The whisper of love eternal is infinite and all around. Ever present if only we become still enough to catch our breath and take the time to notice it as it falls like gentle rain all around us.

If only for a moment, I will capture and hold you for this instant, like a snowflake slowly melting as it is warmed by the palm of my hand.

Your beating heart sings soft with a familiar hymn, likened to the hymns of my own.

For I will hold you, as a human holds anything that captures their fleeting attention—only for a moment.

A moment frozen and etched into the sands of time.

Our story, this story, can not be erased.

I write this piece just for you, from the chambers of an infinite and ancient lovers heart.

A heart tossed and thrown about within the waves of a mysterious and haunted Sea.



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Author: Annie R. Towns

Editor: Renee Jahnke

Image: Indi Samarajiva-Flickr

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