May 11, 2015

The Untamed Lady.


When she steps in the room, people stop and stare.

It’s not because she is the most beautiful woman in the world and not because she is a super model. Her beauty is unique but manages to captivate the attention of those around her.

She walks like a twist of her hips can cause a mountain to move aside. A flick of her wrist can part an ocean. Her eyes burn with the fire of the sun and the depth of the seas. She is fierce and feminine, with a rod of steel in her core but as soft as silk to the touch. Men flock to her like shavings to a magnet and the women who don’t envy her want her secret.  When you’re with her, you wonder if you could die and be reborn a million times and still be haunted by her. She beckons to you, not with words but with who she is. She draws you in, pulls you deeper and you suddenly find yourself wanting to drown in her.

She seduces you, not into sex but into a life lived more deeply. She has danced with her demons and made peace with her pain. She has no light side and no dark side, because she has woven them together on the loom of her life. She is self-examined, self-aware and her mysteries could keep you engaged for a thousand lifetimes.

She is free because she has been bound. She has fought to become who she is and is unshakable, unmovable and grounded in her freedom. She sees freedom as having the ability to choose her way and by directing her energy the way she chooses. She is free in a way that only those who have burned in the fires of destruction, then rose again, can be.

She has sensual, sexual energy coiled low in her belly and it is potent, powerful and passionate. She keeps her sensuality safely in the basket of her womb, but when she releases it you will know you have experienced something intoxicating.  She is the type of woman who inspires poetry, art and war. She is the woman men paint on the side of their bombers.

She is fire and ice. She is the raging storm and the calm within. She is passion and play. She is mother, lover, angel and devil. She is the woman of your dreams and the one your mother warned you about. She is all things divine and all things human.

And when you meet her, you recognize her. She is the siren song to your longing soul. She is the balm to soothe the ache you didn’t even know you had. She is what you didn’t know you were missing.  She is the deep breath of oxygen after a long dive and the first stretch of your legs after a long drive. Let her light be your beacon and when you see her, when you recognize her, know that she is calling you to something deeper, something greater and something universal.

Don’t hesitate.   Go.


Author: Lisa Vallejos

Editor: Alli Sarazen

Photo: The Arches/Flickr

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Read 35 comments and reply

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