June 18, 2015

An Untitled Poem about Romance.


She falls in love every day
With strangers, with those long passed
With ideas fabricated about them

With the colors of our Earth
And the possibilities waiting patiently beyond it

With dreams, those of day and night alike
How she often confuses them with memories
Pouring them into each other, merging two worlds into one

She falls in love every day
With shadows effortlessly cast
With patterns of their movements across the floor
And with how their stillness is a hiding place for layers of dust longing to be stirred

With melodies and poetry of all species
How she is a witness to goosebumps born onto her skin
And with the goosebumps themselves
How they are physical proof of energy awakening inside her

With scents that tickle, soothe and sting
How they fade without a care of who may wish that they stay…just a while longer
And how they leave an everlasting impression on one’s mind if they so choose

She falls in love every single day and
It seems she has fallen for the notion of romance itself
She has forgotten she has work to do
She cannot roam this planet adoring everything but the vessel that carries her
And the very being who is able to love in the first place
It seems that she must instead, fill the void
With devotion and admiration for herself, from herself
So that she may carry on falling in love with strangers




Falling Into Love. {Poem}


Author: Taylor Bland

Editor: Travis May

Photo credits: courtesy of the author

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