June 23, 2015

Anywhere but Home: Take a Trip Within Yourself.

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Everywhere I turn people are traveling to some place or another, away, on trips, annual vacations—anywhere but home.

I have yet to meet anyone planning a trip within themselves.

Going somewhere else provides us with an escape from the stress and monotony of our daily lives.

Don’t get me wrong, I love traveling, probably more than I like staying. But it feels to me like we’re constantly running away from ourselves; we may go on holiday for some peace and quiet, but most of us rarely delve into the depths of ourselves.

Airplanes transport us to faraway destinations; meditation is the vehicle that takes us within ourselves.

I have to confess, I used to hate meditating. The thought of sitting by myself without any distractions for even five minutes used to freak me out. I’d grow angry, seethe within and wonder what the hell it was all about.

Then it occurred to me that I don’t like being with myself because I’m annoying and my thoughts can be mean, hurtful, uninteresting and repetitive. My concerns grow twofold when I’m sitting without a book to read or work to do.

Why would I want to take a trip within myself, if it feels like this?

I realized I’d rather be doing than being. Being is one of the most challenging things we face.

The irony is that I am a teacher of yoga and meditation. If I dislike being with myself, then how can I possible teach with authenticity?

I knew it was time to face the truth and take that imminent trip into myself.

My trip began with scheduling 10-minute slots each day for one month. I started by sitting there squirming, wondering why I was doing this and questioning my plan. But as I reached the 30th day, something shifted.

I could sit without torment, the cushion became soft and inviting and my thoughts became kinder, gentler and less chaotic. I felt calmer and my problems seemed more manageable and less scary. I liked myself; I wasn’t so bad after all. Each day became easier and I actually looked forward to it.

So why take this trip?

1. It’s free, no costs are involved
2. There’s no need to pack a suitcase or bring your passport.
3. All you need is yourself and a comfortable space.
4. It is fascinating; you’ll see sights you have never seen before.
5. Boredom doesn’t exist on this trip, as there’s a load of brain activity going on to keep you occupied.
6. Strength and persistence is required to navigate the challenging terrain.
7. Happiness and relaxation is the ultimate outcome.
8. You won’t come home with the holiday blues; you’ll be home already.

Author: Rebecca Jane

Editor: Evan Yerburgh

Image: Flickr


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