June 22, 2015

F*ck Love & Light: Acknowledging Our Anger.

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Warning: f-bombs below! 

Our society conditions us to believe that anger is a bad thing.

We are told to calm down, stuff it, deny it and “just let it go.” Religion teaches us to pray it away, and our New Age Spirituality teaches us to “love and light” the anger away.

Anything we repress becomes perverted, so our anger manifests in our bodies as disease. It manifests in our emotions—as depression. If denied long enough, it can erupt in ways that we may regret—by hurting others or by hurting ourselves.

What if we realized that anger had something to teach us?  What if we looked at our anger in the face, and asked it: What are you trying to tell us?

What if we stop denying our anger, and instead allowed it to course through our veins like a wild river? What if we allowed ourselves to feel it so much, that it seems as though the tops of our heads could explode, or our hearts could burst?

What if we named it, allowed it and learned from it? It could be that we’ve allowed our boundaries to be crossed. Perhaps we would find out that we had no boundaries in the first place!

What if for once, we could just say, “Fuck love and light—I’m fucking angry!”

Maybe then we could finally find out what it is our anger has been insisting that we learn. Maybe then, the path to love and light will shine clear again.


Fuck You.

I cannot be dampened
I cannot be contained
I will not be less than
I will not be tamed
I will not be told what to do
I have come too far now
I will not be subdued
I am far too powerful
to ever go back to being small
as much as I have loved you
as much as I love you now
I will not go back inside
any prison walls ever again
not even for you
And for your insistence
that I be unhappy
just because you are
fuck you and fuck you and fuck you

and you “don’ts” fuck them
fuck them, fuck you and your weakness
fuck you and your don’ts
fuck you and your fear too
fuck you fuck you and fuck you
I will not dim my light for you
not even for you
Fuck you.


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Author: Michele Collier

Editor: Yoli Ramazzina

Image: Flickr/Mysi

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