June 8, 2015

Giving the Untamed Lady your Warrior Heart.

untamed lady

Bring me your warrior heart.

When a woman is untamed, she is unhindered. She is not reckless or careless but she will not be bound by rules, restrictions or what she’s “supposed” to be. She has traded in safety for adventure. She has exchanged acceptance for truth.

If you want to love her, you must bring a warrior heart.

She is, as C.S. Lewis said, not safe but she is good.

She will open you up, shatter your preconceptions and challenge all the ways you’ve committed soul suicide. As a lover of the untamed woman, you will find yourself when you get lost in her.

She is not easy to grasp.

If you are to love her, and she is to love you, you must be comfortable with the mystery in her eyes. She will not be pinned down and just when you think you finally “get” her, you find another facet you didn’t know was there.

To love her will require much from you.

Access to her heart is granted only to those with the valor, strength, wit and fortitude to brave the elements of existing.

You must have faced down the demons that have scarred you. You are not some white knight that comes in to rescue her; she is no damsel in distress. You are the warrior who has descended into your own private hell, danced with the devil and have emerged. You may still smell of hellfire. You may be wounded.

But you have shown yourself worthy.

You do not need fear the untamed woman.

Like the lioness, she is fierce but noble. She believes the best of you, desires the most for you and wants nothing more than your most authentic, raw, powerful self to come forth. The untamed woman craves your unrestrained power. She wants your unapologetic self. She wants you to know that, with her, you are safe.

If you want to love the untamed woman, you must be willing to dive deep, to swim in the waters of the unknown and to surrender to the process. You must check your inhibitions at the door and show up—naked and unashamed.

The untamed woman will love you with an abandon that will make you wonder why you ever pushed love away.

This is not a path of romance, but one of soul expansion and a love in service to the greater good of humankind.

To love her, you must have the heart of a warrior and the soul of a king. She will love you in return—deeply, soulfully and exquisitely.


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Author: Lisa Vallejos

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

Photo: unsplash

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