June 14, 2015

I Never Promised it would be Easy.

couple holding hands

I never promised it would be easy.

You look at me with profound, curious eyes.

You believe that if you could hear my thoughts you could finally understand who I am.

Well, my dear, I can promise you that even if you could hear my thoughts you wouldn’t be any closer.

The chaos within my mind is the exact chaos you see displayed in front of you.

I am graciously open and shockingly honest.

Where others may have closed themselves off as a means to survive, I have done the opposite.

I am not afraid of failure because I have drowned in it and conquered it.

I have felt every heart break with the same deep intensity as I have felt my heart burst open with love.

I have sat with my pain , I have allowed myself to feel every last ripple even when the rainbow wasn’t anywhere in sight.

The empowering strength that floods in when I do reach the rainbow is the reason I welcome my pain with open arms, just as I do my pleasures.

I find strength in my vulnerability in a world where others often view it as a weakness.

This is why you look at me with such confusion, this is why you whisper to me, “ I just don’t get you.”

I am searching for the deepest connections and the most breathtaking experiences.

I have been blessed with so many gifts amongst this life and I refuse to waste a single one.

To accomplish this, it is vital that I keep my mind and heart open.

As you stand beside me, holding my hand, I ask you to brace yourself for the ride.

You may question me when I choose the path everyone else has avoided.

You may look at me with widened eyes and a raised brow when I actively seek answers to the questions others are reluctant to ask.

You may question my feelings for you when my views on relationships does not fit into the socially acceptable box but, place your skepticism at bay—my genuine soul would never ask for your hand if you did not occupy a special place in my heart.

You may want to close your eyes right before you take the plunge but I’ll encourage you to keep them open—it’s going to be a magnificent ride you won’t want to miss.

The lows will ignite your fight or flight but if you choose to stay and fight I will match you and we will fight together.

Through the lows we will reach highs that will be nothing short of magical.

Next to me, I can guarantee you will be exposed to extraordinary moments and an unimaginable day to day but:

I never promised it would be easy.



The 6 Types of Love: What Infatuation Lacks.

Author: Julia Martin

Volunteer Editor: Kim Haas / Editor: Emily Bartran

Image: Michael Patterson / Flickr


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