June 27, 2015

If you’re an Empath & are Feeling Lost.


Remember to dream.

Your dreams are the gateway to the brilliance of your chosen life-chart.

Remember—who you are is not a reflection of your sensitivities, nor your fears.

Remember that life is just an illusion, this dimension is simply a projection of the human mind.

Not here, not there, it is everywhere, a holograph of color spread across the eastern sky.

Don’t forget who loves you. You are the embodiment of the Divine and are connected to a matrix of wisdom and love.

Remember what makes you perfect in the eyes of the stars, you are one of them—a stream of energy that pulses wildly upon the canvas of the planet, you call home.

Keep to your holy path, to the road untraveled, to the poem written on your soul.

There are many who would lead you away from the brilliance of your destiny

They do not know you, they are only grasping at what keeps them safe.

Send them your healing energy and allow them to move on.

You must not take it all so seriously, this is but a moment in time, find humor in the difficulties—they are your most divine teachers disguised as pain.

The light that shines from your eyes is a gift, unveil yourself, we are all waiting to hear from you. There is wisdom in the prism of your iris, you are part of the eternal flame.

Release the power in your spoken word. Give birth to angels with your prose. Write our futures with your pen. Read the ancient volumes and remember the dusty desert road you once traveled.

You are part of all there is. You are filled with the intelligence of the heavens. You know more than is evident, sometimes your voice is caught within you, but inside there is a cloud burst of intensity.

Do not let labels pin you down, the world cannot always understand what a miracle you are.

You do not learn like the others. You express yourself in ways that don’t fit well into society. You cannot sit still— or you are too still; you are silent.

You are over stimulated by situations and contact with people, but animals understand you. You crave something you cannot express and we have not the ears for your silent cry.

Know that you are not lost.

You are meant to shine. Be patient, the rest of us are still learning about who you are.

Find your peace in Nature, She understands. The spirits of the forest, the trees, the elementals, are your kin, and know what beats within your heart. They do not need words, they will feel your essence.

You are a Sensitive, you are a Star-child. Turn your face to the sky and remember.

You are wild, you are free, you are mystical, you are a wanderer, you are unique. This world might not see the intelligence of your mysterious incarnation, but you do belong here. You belong because you make a difference.

You show us how to live in joy. You show us how to live only this moment. You show us that stillness is a pathway to our center and that energy must move.

Your lessons are not lost, the rest of us are waking up. We are also longing to remember that of stardust we are made.

Sometimes it hurts to be around others, and sometimes crowded places make you want to scream. Protection can come in the form of a crystal or a stone. Find what you need and hold on! Walk a labyrinth for solace or meditate with song.

Remember these words from the Bhagavad Gita:

I am the ritual and the worship,
The medicine and the mantra,
The butter burnt in the fire,
And I am the flames that consume it.

I am the father of the universe
And it’s mother, essence and goal
Of all knowledge, the refiner, the sacred
Om, and the threefold Vedas.

I am the beginning and the end,
Origin and dissolution,
Refuge, home, true lover,
Womb and imperishable seed.

I am the heat of the sun,
I hold back the rain and release it;
I am death, and the deathless,
And all that is or is not.

You, Star-child are all that is or is not.

These words are for you.

Om Shakti Om…Om Shiva Om.



Bonus! You’re not truly spiritual unless you do this:



Bhagavad Gita: A New Translation, Stephen Mitchell.


Author: Monika Carless

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

Photo: Flickr

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