June 28, 2015

Maybe Karma is This.

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One piece of evidence that the philosophies of the East have permeated the West, is how common the use of Buddhist terms are in everyday culture.

The word karma is a great example.

The word karma is now often used as an encouragement to leave a tip at our local coffee shop, a reminder not to litter and an overall guide to keep our conscience in check.

As in if we do something bad—something bad will happen to us, and if we do something good—something good will happen to us.

Kind of like an energetic Santa Claus.

But does karma keep a list of what we have done right and what we have done wrong?

It is as if the concept of karma has mixed with our western view of heaven and hell, in that we will be eternally shamed for our misdemeanors and eternally rewarded for our goodness.

But another way to look at karma is that it is really just choice.

Every moment, of every day, we have the freewill to make a choice.

And that doesn’t mean just a choice in how we act—but a choice in perspective and attitude.

When we talk about karma as choice, we don’t necessarily need to discuss the big choices—such as where to live, who to love and how to earn money,

Instead, we can get down and dirty with the minute choices.

What mental state am I going to be in when I wash the dishes, drive my car, tuck my children into bed or even check my Facebook page?

Am I going to hate everyone around me? Resent that I have to do these tasks? Compare myself to everyone else?

Or am I going to center into my authentic self and see what love and compassion I have to offer right in this moment?

That is why karma—or choice, as I am calling it—is so freeing.

Because it literally doesn’t matter what we did a minute ago.

Maybe one moment ago we were mean, jealous or blaming.

Well, that moment is already over.

It is past.

It is in the past.

And now we have a fresh moment.

Right here, presented to us without even having to ask.

A fresh moment that just needs us to make a choice—a choice of what karma we would like to create.

Infinite creativity is here, right now—all we need to do is show up, make a choice, and that is where karma is created.

What karma are you going to create in this moment?


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Author: Ruth Lera

Editor: Yoli Ramazzina

Photo: Flickr/jessie essex

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