June 16, 2015

One step Sideways from Famous moments in History. [Photos]

These photos bring a fourth dimension to the history we think we know:

History from a different angle (imgur.com)

History from a different angle

A few good comments, mostly via: “Is it well established that it’s really Hitler in that picture? I thought this was a somewhat common mustache in Germany in those days.”

“Buzz Aldrin snapped that picture of Neil Armstrong right after they successfully landed on the moon, moments before he announced that fact to Houston Control.”

The “land” in Hollywoodland came down in an earthquake and they just never replaced it. It was a sign for a housing development.

“It never occurred to me that the album cover for Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band was actually just a photo of the Beatles standing in the middle of some cardboard cut-outs. I guess I always assumed that it had been some sort of collage.”

“Never realized the number of people who were at Woodstock! …That was kind of the reason it was such a big deal, initially (how pivotal a cultural phenomenon it had been was realised later). They expected 50,000 people and nearly half a million turned up. They were unprepared for its popularity and due to a late venue change had to give up ticketing and fences and so on and just let everyone in.”

A few more: Unique pictures


“That first one is terrifying. It’s a tiny part of the reactor core that melted its way clear into the basement and sluiced across the floor, mixed up with a lot of sand, concrete, and pieces of the reactor shield. They call it the Elephant’s Foot, and for years it was so dangerous staying near it for even 1 minute gave someone a lethal dose of radiation. Its radiation has decayed a bit and the physical structure itself cracked up a little, but it’s still dangerous and still freaky. If I recall at least one person died trying to photograph it. Chernobyl created some brand new geological formations. All sorts of crazy new minerals formed in the meltdown, including Chernobylite glass.” “For that picture of the Titanic, you can clearly still see people standing on the upper decks, especially in the stern. To me it really does give a sense of how small the ship was and it kind of gives you a visual as to how such a large ship had over half its people on board perish that night. The Titanic next to a comparable cruise ship of today.

An album of photos taken during construction of the Hoover Dam.

Hoover Dam


For more:

40 Historical Photos, 10 of which will Drop your Jaw!

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