June 22, 2015

The Eternal in your Eyes. {A Poem}

  hazel green eye

Our hazel gaze meets

And instantly

The rush of memories

Of a thousand lifetimes

They taunt me

And haunt me

For the briefest of moments

Then slip out of my grasp

Like waves

Sliding back

Into a deep vague sea


Like eloquent words

On the tip of my tongue

I cannot quite remember

Any of your names

Any of your faces

Any of the many places

Where we truly loved

So many times



Our past

Like a million shadows

They dance

Just beyond my reach

They were cast

From the fiery flame

That was and is us


Experiencing the eternal

A glimpse of the timeless

A reminder

That forever exists

In the depth of your gaze

It is the welcomed calm

Wrapping around me

Like a warm blanket of you


You are the familiar

That road I have travelled

More than any other

Your essence

As home to me

As my own


The memories though

I do not need

All that is soothing

Is knowing

That I am known


That I am seen

And realizing

That there is no end


We will be others

Again with different faces

Loving in different places

Haunted and taunted

By what will then be

The elusive memories

Of now




Author: Katie Vessel 

Editor: Renée Picard 

Photo: luiscdiaz at Flickr 






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