June 17, 2015

Today We Celebrate.


This morning I received some amazing news about my friend.

It was the first message I read upon awakening and checking my phone.

I couldn’t help but smile. A sensation, flow through my body, creating a new level of awareness I havent experienced before. And I felt festive. Like a celebration was in place. Which instantly made me see all the other stuff I have to be thankful for.

It turned out into my mantra for today:

Today, I smile and celebrate.

I shall recognize every bit of beauty the universe sends my way, in all its amazing vivid and not so obvious forms…the light ones and the other ones.

Even if they may be packed in a darker wrap.

I will greet every animal, child, human and creature on my path.

I shall spread smiles, like I have given birth to life it self.

Seeing everything on my way, as universes gift to me and my sisters.

Expressing endless grace, for the universe is good.

I will feel every breath, connecting my whole body with the universal energetic connection we have within and around us. Life is good, even if I may not see the signs at all times and my mind is darkened with clouds and rain.

I shall say grace.

I will celebrate.

Today, we celebrate.

What are you celebrating today?





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Author: Bara Cerna

Editor: Renée P.

Photo: sciencefreak/pixabay


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