June 21, 2015

Tulips for the Hypocrites. {Poem}

Tulips for the hypocrites

Tulips for the Hypocrites.

Barking egos driving cars in cold shivering nights,
thinking of love,
but only for love’s sake.

Insulting the living by being dead while still alive,
awakened nights; turning points; illusions…
irrational decisions; genius sparks; art works and nature…
bright loving nature,
to kill the projections continually running in our heads,
we learned to compromise the pain, we are absurd and feel serious.

Damn us, with our misused little minds!
Stuck somewhere between sick egoistic wishes and inner unexplainable hope for salvation,
twisted longing souls, forgotten gazing eyes,
languishing desire for life.

I felt the grief of each of your misspelled words,
in silence.
I felt the saltiness of your every tear, in my own mouth.

No freedom comes with a prison lying inside of you ,
For real truth,
look at the stars,
they save souls,
they unfold the truth of life,
Is the silent words to bring out storms.

Just go!
Go to be folded by the colours of the wind,
To be curiously explored by the mountain’s air,
To taste the marvellous coldness of the river’s water,
To be lyrically linked with the bird’s song,
You and you only
are left
to think.


Author: Sidita Zaja

Editor: Emily Bartran

Photo: Used with Permission

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