July 7, 2015

A Wish for us Dreamers.


This is a wish for us dreamers.

Us over-feelers and “too much” thinkers.

That we will spend more time smiling, gazing in to the sun and less time frowning into another cup of coffee on top of a blank page.

A wish for us to not be lonely. But to find music in the silence of our houses and adventures on our doorsteps in the mist of a morning.

A wish that we will be seen as we long to be seen: As true—as flawed, of course. But flawed as a river is not straight or a leaf round.

A wish for us heart-led whose hearts break so easily. Who offer them first and take them back last.

Us talkers, romantics, us lovers and fighters.

To find beauty right now, to let us sit with the pain of the pieces of our hearts, to find peace in the quiet and wonder in the sky.

To find us once and for all.

A wish that we’ll find hidden wings. And that we’ll fly till we die.

For us writers, us readers, us singers, us dancers.

A wish to find you. And a wish to find me.

I wish that we’ll sleep and we’ll dream not of new life or venture or people or things. But that instead of escaping to our pillow so quick, we’ll dream of ourselves and be happy to wake next to one such as us.

We’re special, us wild ones. For we’re the ones who see stars, where others see night.

We’re the ones who see hearts before minds.

But most of all.

We’re alright.

I wish that we’d all know that tonight.



We are all struggling. Reach out. Be kind. Mean it.

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Author: Andy Charrington

Editor: Alli Sarazen

Photo: Hartwig HKD/Flickr

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