July 23, 2015

Crystalline Guidance.

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For the first 24 years of my life, I ridiculed anything suggested to me that was spiritual or new-agey.

But toward the end of last year I became desperate for a higher sense of guidance—willing to give that which I had shunned for so long a second glance.

At the most fortuitous time, I stumbled into a community of individuals who labeled themselves as healers, empaths, ultra-sensitives and yogis. We were all in search of the same thing: a spiritual lifeboat to navigate the choppy waters created by human chaos.

Leaders of this community invited me to a circle on working with crystals in a healing and beneficial way. This idea presented itself as a clear rescue remedy.

As the entry point to working with the crystalline energies, we asked the energies of the crystalline kingdom to work in conjunction with our energies in a relationship founded upon equitable exchange. Crystalline energies are said to correspond to different chakras, giving their myriad properties more focused purpose the more one learns to work with them. There are a series of guiding questions to ask in order to interact with a crystal physically, emotionally, mentally, psycically and spiritually, and to get a sense of what kind of energetic qualities it has to offer.

One of the first stones I ever worked with was green aventurine. Learning to work with crystals was part of my initiation to the idea that as a sensitive being I can deeply sense the energies of humans and the kingdoms of Mother Nature. The moment the crystal came to rest in my open palm, I felt a surge of electric energy up my arm all the way into my heart. I apertured the energy flow to make it more tolerable—to allow myself to open to the healing guidance that the stone offered.

I was just entering into a deep meditative state when, without warning, fear and grief bubbled up within me. I was crying uncontrollably and returned to a nightmarish vision I’d been having often during that month: I was standing on a cliff, about to fall off into a green, dark, lonely abyss. Eventually, I learned that this is part of the territory of working with crystals. Different stones can be energetically powerful to different people.

To close the process of working with a crystal and to complete the circle of the relationship of equitable exchange, one must show gratitude for the lessons offered.

The seeming hell I describe above might make you think I never wanted anything to do with crystals ever again. Wrong. I was curious for more after this first experience. I felt like I’d unlocked the secret potential of crystals.

At the time, I was working in a healthcare setting that was unfriendly to the Highly Sensitive Person. Because I soak up everyone’s energies like a sponge, it was challenging for me to thrive in an environment wrought with the emotions of interacting with patients and their families.

With my newly obtained knowledge, I went and picked out a few crystals known for their protective powers to carry with me at work. Immediately I could sense a difference. My energetic field felt more protected, and I was able to interact more vibrantly with those around me without feeling overly vulnerable.

When you believe that you are an energetic being (we all are), and when you have the courage to face the physical, emotional or spiritual healing you may need (we’re not perfect), you may find your answer in the least expected places.

I found mine in the crystals. I’ll bring out my collection when I’m meditating or particularly stressed. I was recently on a yoga retreat, and in the middle of lunch everyone brought out their own crystals to compare. I was giddy, because I knew I was among my tribe of people who shared in the delight of this healing remedy.

If you’re curious to learn more, check out your local spiritual store. You may go in with a mission to seek out a stone to protect yourself against something particular you’ve been struggling with, or you may just find a stone that captivates you. I encourage you to pick out three or four to start. Get a small protective pouch for them. If you have a meditation practice, you can incorporate working with your crystals to see what energetic message they may offer you.

I offer you my top 3 favorite crystals to inspire you to unlock the crystalline potential:

Green Apophyllite: Its magic lies in the steady stream-like flow of energies of forgiveness and compassion that it releases. This crystal offers an extended release remedy for your energetic blocks to compassion and self-love.

Aquamarine: A nurturing stone for supporting you in speaking your truth. It helps to soothe and encourage you during those times when you are terrified to speak up for what you believe in.

Lepidolite: The frequency emitted by the color of this stone is inherently calming. Lepidolite is said to break you out of circular thinking and mental gridlock and help connect to the Divine Guidance which has always been a part of you.

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Author: Caitlin Oriel

Editor: Toby Israel

Photo: Mark, Vicki, Ellaura and Mason/Flickr

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