July 7, 2015

F*ck the Armor: Let’s Live Life with Our Hearts Wide Open.


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Warning: a wee bit of adult language ahead! 

My heart hurts sometimes but yet there is no cure.

As much as it hurts at times though, for me it is a delectable pain because it tells me that I am really living.

I am not trying to play it safe inside the cages of my heart.

Instead, my heart is open, free and loving.

I soak in as many amazing opportunities for connection and love that I can.

I revel in my weaknesses and vulnerability because it is there that I find my strength.

I am not meant to wear armor to protect my heart; I need to be as raw as I can so that I might inspire others to live life with their hearts wide open too.

We are made from the salt of the seven seas, and our finger tips hold the magnetizing dust of stars.

We are simply amazing beings worthy and capable of so much affection, tenderness—and just plain good.

We not only owe it to ourselves to stay open, but we owe it to the world as well.

We have the ability to make this world a more beautiful place by merely opening our hearts to life.

The best gift we can give ourselves is to be open to love as often as we can and to not shy away from that word.

Love is never a bad word.

I extend love to all those around me in my life—without condition, without stipulations, just merely and blissfully pure radiating love, because all those close to me deserve nothing less. I don’t let fear burrow down and make a home inside of my soul, instead I refuse to live life any way but out loud and out in the open.

I am not going to self-protect any longer, because in doing so, not only do we ward off possible hurt, but we also sacrifice happiness.

Fuck the armor: the only way to live life blissfully raw is to live it with our hearts wide open and free.

So tell them to keep their staunchly made rules and guidelines for not getting hurt—because I am here to live fully in the moment, without thought or care to what tomorrow may bring.

I joyfully dance recklessly along the border between crazy love and unforgettable desire.

I soak my toes in the radiating light of once in a lifetime memories and I bask in the joy of my desire for life.

I won’t be apologizing anymore for not playing by the rules—but if you’d like to make up a few new ones, I’m game.

I’m game at living a life that I love—carefree from worry.

We don’t need to be more careful, or tedious. We don’t need to take our time and make choices that our eighty year old bodies would thank us for. We don’t need to get enough sleep or to eat properly all of the time—instead, we need to live life with the heat and burn of undying passion.

We need to rip open our hearts and extend love to all those that we meet—not because we are careless with our hearts, but because that is how we can change the world.

All we really need is a little more love.

A little more love to break down walls, barriers and to outshine the brightest stars.

A little more joy to bring light to the darkest of days, and a bit more heart song so that we can dance the night away.

We will never sit quietly in a rocker in the solitude of old age being thankful for all the times we played it safe—so instead let’s cast off the doubt, and trepidation like clothes that no longer fit and stand naked in the awe inspiring possibility.

Love is not meant to be a defensive strategy—so let’s take the offensive route and live life wide open and free. And so it’s with a skip into the sunshine and the kiss of the stars upon my forehead that I make the decision to live life as raw, untamed and loving as I can muster.

If you want to join me, I’ll be waiting in the indigo light of the moon wearing nothing but my smile and my love to keep me warm.

Because even if I’m left waiting forever, I’ll still be glowing from living life with my heart wide open.





3 Steps to Cracking your Heart Wide Open & Letting the Light Shine In.

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Author: Kate Rose

Editor: Renée Picard

Photo: RoOoOo!!! at Flickr 


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