July 7, 2015

Golden Nugget Ain’t Just a Casino.


It’s easy to find all the reasons why we can’t accomplish something great or overcome a challenging situation—the economy is bad, unemployment is high, business is slow, or the relationship you were betting on went south.

There are countless reasons to be resigned and cynical, albeit, and know that your reasons as much as anyone else’s are justifiable and valid.

I’ve learned over the years that the various pitfalls and seemingly Marianna trench-sized challenges in my own life were overcome when I finally told the truth to myself. Of course I first tried other ways of coping: cursing the origin of my circumstances; philosophizing about the problem at hand with Socratic flair; gaining the alliance of others who too found solace in singing the blues; and finally forcing a different outcome using the same failed formula. And after all of this—I still felt wretched, frustrated, and desperate.

You see, what I’ve come to realize through my experience with failed business ventures, financial losses, upset relationships and shaken self-confidence is that in the center of each of these life events, lie a nugget, a golden nugget, called the truth.

It’s inescapable. The truth always has a way of finding you. The lesson is there to be learned and should we choose to ignore it, be certain it will reemerge within the next business venture, personal relationship or geographic relocation like an unfed feral cat.

Rather than ask yourself, “Why is this happening to me!” instead ask, “What is the golden nugget in my situation?”

Just by taking charge of your circumstances, humbly gaining the lesson, and then refocusing attention on a resonant path, you can create new opportunities and successes in your life–minus the drama.

For instance, I’ve come to find that being involved in business ventures with the sole purpose of making money isn’t true to my ultimate happiness (enter the nugget). So rather than trying different business models of the same design, I now only involve myself in work that speaks to my heart. This resonates with me and is part of my winning formula.

So I encourage you to try telling the truth to yourself about your particular circumstance and choose to discover the golden nugget that promises the key to your peace of mind.

If you try and fall again, just keep digging deeper.



50 Ways to Feel Like a Million Bucks.


Author: Lisa Andre

Editor: Travis May

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