July 14, 2015

How about a Love Relationship that will Transform You?


There is a special time in your life when you will be transformed by a personal and close relationship with another person.

If you’re single, it could when you meet the soul mate, who becomes the love of your life. This person’s presence in your life changes it forever. If you’re already in a marriage or a committed relationship, you can expect it to be radically changed from what it is—to something very different.

When will this event happen in your life?

Answer: When Pluto transits the 7th House of Relationships, your marriage or partnership will be transformed forever. During this time your partnership and all your close relationships will go through a radical change. In simple terms, that means that whatever state they’re in today will be profoundly different by the time Pluto has completed its transit through this House of your Horoscope.

Pluto energies can magically transform your romantic relationship. It’s a time when your love life becomes intense and powerful in its depth of feeling. If you’re married, you feel closer then ever, as if your personalities are now merged into one. You have an epiphany and realize this is the person you were meant to be with.

If You’re Single.

If you’re single, it’s a period in which you’ll have passionate romantic relationship encounters. You feel that destiny has brought you and the other person together for a deep connection unlike any you’ve ever had. You seem to be able to talk with them for hours about your deepest thoughts, as if you’ve known each other for years. You’ll find that superficial relationships will be boring and unsatisfying because you’re not interested in “weather talk.” Instead, you want to know what’s in this person’s psyche and heart. You may explore such deep questions such as, “What is your purpose in life?” or “Why did fate bring us together?”

If You’re Married.

If you’re already in a marriage or committed love relationship, it’s likely to undergo dramatic change and transformation as well. The status quo is no longer acceptable, which means that whatever needs to be fixed in your relationship can’t just be repaired. It will now require something brand new to be in its place.

In its more glorious manifestation, you’ll share an intense soul mate, love relationship with the other person.

However, Pluto’s energies may also bring a crisis into your partnership that will require a major change in the nature of how it operates. That crisis may come in many colors, shapes and sizes. It may center on such matters as the loss of one of the partner’s job, retirement, financial difficulties, sexual incompatibility, menopause, infidelity, alcohol or drug addiction, an affair that threatens the break-up of your marriage or even the death of a loved one. Some times, the source of the discord in the partnership is based on deep psychological issues such as incompatible values or destructive behavior that has damaged the relationship.

As a result, long-hidden tensions or chronic problems, that have plagued your relationship, will surface to be dealt with and resolved if your relationship is to continue. This may a time when you will go through the “breakdown” phase of this Pluto transit. You are beyond crisis—you’re now engaged in a process of survival which will result in the death of your current relationship as it is or the re-birth of a new relationship between you. Pluto’s energies provide you with the prospect of transforming your partnership to something far better than it was before. The choice is up to you. If you’re unable to make major changes in your relationship, it will likely end.

If You’re in the Wrong Relationship.

If you’re in an inappropriate relationship, Pluto’s influence may bring a crisis or difficult circumstances that will require you and your partner to radically change your relationship. If you’re in a destructive relationship that’s emotionally or physically abusive or in an addictive or co-dependent relationship with someone who’s unhealthy, this will be when it will die or be transformed to a healthy state.

If you’re already in a healthy partnership it may still undergo a difficult crisis that will transform it into an even deeper love relationship.

When Pluto transits the 7th House of Marriage and Partnership, your marriage or relationship will be transformed forever.

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