July 14, 2015

I Choose Truth.


Warning: naughty language ahead

Dear world,
I would like to make an agreement with you.

I will show up every single day speaking, living, loving and walking only my truth.

There is so much in our world that is not true.

The more I walk in these shoes, and experience I realize that not everyone is authentic.

Not everyone cares if the story is the truth.

People care about money.

People care about publicity.

People are willing to write sh*t for clicks.

People are willing to compromise, settle and sell out instead of saying, “F*ck you. This is my story. This is the truth”.
Experiencing this makes me want to walk taller, louder, stronger.

Not only for myself, but for this world–for we need truth like we need the air circulating through our lungs.

Every word I write to you is true.
Every experience I share is not altered, sensationalized, nor victimized.

Being a victim is not the solution to our problems.

Our world needs humans who are accountable and empowered.

Who stand up when they are wronged, or bullied or pressured.

Who speak their truth, even when it’s hard and scary.

I promise I will show up transparently, and give to you words that are all the truth, all the time.
You have my word.

With fire,


Author: Janne Robinson

Editor: Khara-Jade Warren

Image: Courtesy of the author



I will not Wait to Die to Begin to Live.

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