July 9, 2015

I wish to know You More. {Poem}


I wish to know you more.

In this world of quick fix solutions and quick to end marriages.
In this world of “love at first sight” and break-up at first argument.
In this world where “being right” is more important than “being truthful.”
And “being successful” is more important than “being.”


Lets pause to know each other more.

More than anybody has ever known. And more than even what you know about yourself.

I want to know your truth. Your complete truth.
Your complete self. Your incomplete self. Everything.

I wish to know,
how you looked as a toddler,
the games you played as a kid,
how naughty you were.

I wish to know,
how you looked in your frock,
which was your favorite doll,
the cartoons you liked.

I wish to know,
your first crush, your first love,
your anxious moments, your memorable moments,
your sad moments, your happy moments.

I wish to know,
about your adolescent years, your awkward moments,
your crazy times, your grounded times,
your adventures, your self-discoveries.

I wish to know,
how you dance in abandon,
how you sing in the shower,
how you spend time alone.

I wish to know,
the poetry you write, the foul words you use,
the friends you have, the jokes you crack,
the family you have, the parents you adore.

I wish to know,
how you cry, how you laugh,
how you get angry, how cool are you,
how you are in your weak moments, how you work on your strengths.

I wish to know,
not your bank balance but how rich is your heart,
not how many dishes you can cook, but whether you can feed me with love,
not your beliefs, but your belief in yourself.

I wish to know,
the pain you hide, the smile you show,
the tears you hold, the joys you share,
your vulnerable heart, your fighting spirit.

I wish to know,
the girl who is scared of the cockroach and fearless of the world,
the girl who fights her demons and loves the world,
the girl who challenges herself and inspires others.

I wish to know,
the sound of your heart beat,
the rhythm of your snoring,
the “aahs” of your orgasm.

I wish to know,
the birthmarks on your skin,
the moles on your body,
the scars on your soul.

I wish to know,
not your perfections but your imperfections,
not how organized you are but how clumsy you can be,
not how strong you are but how vulnerable are you.

I wish to know,
not how you are in bed but how intimate you can be,
not how beautiful are your eyes but how deep I can look into them,
not which perfume you use but how sexy is your sweat.

I wish to know,
not the feel of your bosom but the warmth of your hug,
not how luscious are your lips but how passionate is your kiss,
not how glowing is your skin but how “pretty” is your dark side.

And I wish to know,
not how your body looks but how beautiful is your naked soul.

And I wish to know how much you want to know about me.

My truth. My complete truth.
And promise, we will be there for each other, forever.

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Author: Amit Bhatnagar

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

Image: pixabay

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