July 12, 2015

July New Moon: Finding an Outlet to Just Breathe.

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There’s a song on my radio that’s about to be on constant repeat, given that energy is about to ramp up.

Music has always been something I use when there’s a ton of emotions flying around. I expect that the July New Moon, peaking on July 15th/16th, along with the days following will deliver this very type of emotional environment.

My playlist is ready.

High emotions, high energy and high healing are the elements in play. What better way to roll with these things than to have a good song—or outlet of some kind handy.

I’d be remiss, as an astrologer and someone who discusses this topic every day, if I told you that this New Moon is all cupcakes and butterflies. The honest truth is that it’s anything but that. Anger and resentments that have been building may need to be released. Things may have to be said that will not be easily digested. The territory is uncomfortable—but manageable, if we can find an outlet and approach it with the proper mind set.

The sign of Cancer, which is the sign that this New Moon falls in, holds things in. However, when prompted they defend like no other and stand up for what’s right. It’s likely we’ll be seeing a lot of this kind of energy as a result of all the planetary aspects playing part of this New Moon. Some of us may have to take a stand and defend something important to us.

Speaking of the sign of Cancer, I don’t want to forget to wish them a Happy Birthday either. If your birthday falls anywhere around the July 15th mark, definitely expect an energy surge this year. Things are about to start happening for you, in particular, and your birthday marks just the beginning. Energy and a push to make things happen is going to be well within reach this coming year.

I also don’t want to forget to mention the silver lining that’ll play a big part.

Chiron, the wounded healer of the zodiac, makes a grand show around the peak of this New Moon. Chiron represents all the things that have hurt us and the emotional scars we’re carrying as a result. His influence can help us heal old wounds, take a stand for ourselves and truly break out of some old negative patterns.

Saturn, back in Scorpio to finish up some last minute business, will also be helping us. Finding a way to discard the emotional drama that has weighed us down for so long could play part as a result of his influence. The possibility of becoming more aware of what’s happening behind the scenes is also going to show up. With a ton of Pluto/Scorpio energy for the taking, many of us will have the ability to dive deep and see what’s really going on behind the surface.

Is there opportunity to gain out of this one? Yes, definitely—but it may come wrapped in some crazy packaging. As Abraham Lincoln once said, “We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.”

A lot of us may end up feeling like we’re surrounded by those thorns, be pushed to make decisions and act on intense feelings. We’re approaching a karmic and stimulating time that’s bound to keep us on our toes. With Venus preparing to make her rare retrograde—relationships, what’s truly making us happy and our value systems are all about to become a huge focal point.

This July New Moon is just the beginning of an eventful summer filled with endless revelations, discoveries and emotional healing opportunities.

As for my song, it’s called “Breathin’—the Extended Vocal Mix” by EDX. Give it a listen and it may end up on repeat on your end as well.

Use this New Moon to find your own outlet and take time to just breathe.

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Author: Crystal B.


Editor: Emily Bartran

Photo: Evelyn Flint/Flickr

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