July 5, 2015

Navigating the Road Map we are Born With.

“It might take a year, it might take a day, but what’s meant to be will always find its way.” ~ Unknown

Fate is a choice our souls make.

Often I have heard people argue that fate and personal choice are two separate entities—yet they are as connected as the tides are to the moon.

Fate is a road map that we are all born with—however, it is up to us to choose which paths we will embark upon.

To believe in fate is not to be exempt from personal choice. Just because we believe that we are meant to do something or to be with someone does not mean that it will happen automatically.

We need to make the choice to pursue what we believe is meant for us.

Fate does not exclude the need to decide for ourselves what is right for us, and to act on what we want to manifest in our lives.

There is no one right path, and often times we have to meander through our lives to learn more about who we are and what we want our future to look like. Sometimes it looks as if we are backtracking, and at others it may seem that we have had to leave situations or people behind who we believe in our hearts were meant for us.

The really amazing thing, though, is that no matter how dark it may seem at times—what is meant for us will never really leave us.

To have faith in the journey is to know that if we live our lives with honesty and authenticity, then we will always find ourselves joining again with what was meant for us—even if we made the choice at one point to leave it behind.

Fate is a term that means that something, such as a relationship or career opportunity, was simply meant to be. However, it is our personal choice to choose what not only comes into our lives—but also what stays.

To believe in fate is to know that we have to make the decision to not only believe in what the universe sends us—but also to make the conscious decision that we want it and are ready for it.

Often times we hear about fate in terms of romantic love. I am not skeptical of a fated love, but I am wary of talking about it terms of eliminating our responsibility in the matter of love all together.

Whether we are with that person or not, we have all felt at some point that a certain connection was just fate, simply because it can’t be rationalized in the way that other relationships can be. Yet, even these amazing connections are not to be taken for granted.

We can choose to not believe in fate—we can choose to let someone go whom we love.

The only thing that any of us can guarantee is that we will make a plethora of mistakes in this life. We will all make a career move we regret in the long run, or wished we’d saved that money or traveled the world when we had the chance—but the one regret that seems to burn the most is the moment we chose not to pursue someone romantically with whom we have felt a connection.

I try to live my life as regret-free as I can, but even I can’t help but wonder “what if’” about certain choices—although I try my best to not let them take root inside of my heart.

The truth is, we all have what if thoughts that takes up residence inside our hearts and minds.

But, fate doesn’t really care about all that.

Because even though we may make the wrong choices, even though we may feel stuck with fear or uncertainty, true fate will never let those who are meant to be in our lives leave us permanently.

This is the knowledge that life may keep bringing back around certain opportunities or people into our lives until we finally can admit to ourselves that they keep coming back for a reason.

This is the aspect of choice.

It is choosing to believe in fate—and also choosing not to let someone or something go that calls to our hearts in a way no one else has before.

Fate is the universe knowing what is best for us, sometimes before we do.

Relationships that are fated often feel overwhelming at times because so much just comes naturally. A fated love is breathlessness and the feeling inside of our hearts that simply can’t be explained such as chemistry, ease or sometimes even love.

It’s that wordless feeling as we gaze into the eyes of another.

The only way to choose fate is to let go of uncertainty and fear. It’s acknowledging that there is something special with another person, and then making the choice not to let it go—but also not to attempt to control it with the rationalization of our egos.

Only once we have taken a deep breath and stared our destiny in the eyes can we realize what it means to choose fate.

It is making the conscious choice to not let this moment pass by—because even though we may get a redo or two if we foil it up, we are only here for a certain amount of time, and we shouldn’t use “next time” as an excuse to not go after what is inside of our hearts.

So, while fate may decide who comes into our lives—we have to make the conscious choice not to let them go.



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Author: Kate Rose

Editor: Emily Bartran

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