July 25, 2015

The Song we Sing Determines our Flock.


“In a vision I heard this clearly whispered:

‘Study those who sing the most, but are free from criticism or praise.’
Following that advice, things turned out just as I suspected.

I started spending more time with birds.” ~ Hafiz


I have a lot of respect for birds.

Birds are the navigators of air, they exist between the sky, the earth and everything between.

Birds keep the system in balance. Birds pollinate, disperse, scavenge and recycle nutrients into our ecosystem—they are essential for life.

I grew up with birds. The little ones that chirp and tweet, the grey ones that whistle and the big green ones that curse.
Or for those who know their species—Budgies, Cockatiels and Conures.

I still have birds in my life—and my life, changes often.

When I open my eyes, everyday is a different surprise.

I move, migrate, create and thrive in change—and I like it that way.

I have found myself the owner of two birds, rather unplanned, but they are my flock—they are my reflection.
My birds road trip in the seat right next to me.

They perch on the brim, making sure to eat from the same bowl that I am eating.

They fly on my head to let me know the sun is up, and they spend all day creating vibration in the air—singing to each other and the birds outside.

They headbang like we would at a metal show, and they lift their wings up, like they got a promotion.  They kiss me on the cheek and fall asleep on my shoulder right after.

They bock like chickens and freestyle whistle—they laugh just like a humans, and smile just the same.

Sometimes they are grumpy when they don’t get enough sleep, but they do their morning laps around the room anyway, flying with the casting light of the sun, even when its gloomy.

Birds don’t complain.

They hear my words and see my patterns, and they don’t like it when I leave.

They forgive me when I am busy, and they remember when I am away.

Human or bird—it doesn’t matter—birds of a feather, they flock together.

Flock rules:

Fly freely, every day.
Forgive easily—shame doesn’t work.
There’s no need to hurry.
Moods change often, laugh a lot. Don’t spend all day in a cage.
Find that high place to be cautious on your perch before taking any offerings.
Use your intuition, its always right.
Trust the Connection.

It doesn’t matter the color of our feathers—the song we sing determines the flock we travel with.

If your home doesn’t feel right, fly away. Home is where the abundance, love and friendship is.

And sometimes, we might have to search for it clear across the globe.



Mercury, Birds & People: What we can learn from our feathered friends. 


Author: Danielle Fink

Editor: Yoli Ramazzina

Photo: Flickr/PROUSFWSmidwest

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