July 13, 2015

There’s No Problem Here. {Poem}

No Problem, Okay

There’s No Problem Here

There’s just a little moan and there’s just a little sigh.
There’s just me falling—yet, thinking I can fly.
There’s just the longing for love’s love for love.
Longing. Longing. The body’s sometimes too tight, a glove.
Yet, there’s no problem here…

There’s just my sorrows’ working themselves out.
They spill from my eyes. Free to scream and free shout.
There’s just these lines confessing my age.
There’s just a little anger. There’s just a little rage.
Still, there’s no problem here…

There’s just this shame and there’s just this dread.
The darkness slips under the covers and climbs into bed.
There’s just this prickly, uncomfortable feeling all day.
It gets to be here. It gets to stay.
Yet, there’s no problem here…

There’s just the stripping away of all that I am not.
A defeated surrender. A truth fiercely sought.
There’s just this life living itself through me.
I am not, at all, what I thought I should be.
Still, there’s no problem here…

There’s just a little grieving. There’s just a little death.
There’s just a peaceful meditation. There’s just a quiet breath.
There’s simply becoming what is here to be.

Becoming. Becoming. Ecstatically!


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Author: Abby Pingree

Editor: Renee Jahnke

Image: Mike Mozart-Flickr

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Read 2 comments and reply

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