July 6, 2015

This Sunshine is Not for You. {Poem}


Grief feels like a cruel joke

A man who dangles sunshine just out of reach
Who leans and pulls away at the last minute.

This sunshine isn’t for you. You can’t have it.”

The tears fall silently
There are no sobs tonight
No wails

I am tired
I have been crying for 26 days

The tears fall like offerings to my broken heart into the night
Lifeless and still

Take them
Take them all

My heart cries
The stars make bets on what time I will finally fall asleep at

Will she feel the heat of the day break?
Will she wake up screaming in the night?
Will she dream of death?
Will she wake up in the morning and lift her weary body into the day?
How much salt is in her eyes?

More than than the ocean!
One star cries

More than the moon!
There’s no salt in the moon
The other star sighs
Helplessly watching from above.


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Author: Janne Robinson

Editor: Alli Sarazen

Photo: Meg Wills/Flickr

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