July 24, 2015

Wanting Someone Who’s All In. {Poem}


There are times in life that we literally ache for someone to be there for us.

I remember being so exhausted mentally and physically that I dragged myself through my days, getting into bed every night too tired to even close my eyes.

Where are you, God?” I would lash out. “Why don’t you have a body so that you can comfort me with it physically, so that you can hold me, give me a shoulder to lay my head on? Why must it all happen with you in my thoughts?

I was angry and hurting and alone and I wanting someone deeply. Yes, I had my spiritual path. Yes, I had my meditation, my teachers, my therapists, my support groups, my everything I could think of, but there were moments when I wanted something—else.

No. That’s not right. There were moments when I wanted someone else. Someone who was all in.

If you fall
lean this way a bit
so that I can catch you

If you cry
sigh out loud a bit
so that I can cry with you

If you are afraid
or anxious
or worried
put your head here,
on my shoulder,
so that I can hold you

I will catch you if you fall
and cry with you if you sigh
and if you fly
I will cheer for you
“Up, up and away.”
I will say.

I will.

I’m all in.


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Author: Carmelene Siani

Editor: Alli Sarazen

Photo: coloredgrey/Flickr

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