July 7, 2015

What I wouldn’t Give.

under a tree

What I wouldn’t give to be making love under a tree with you.

To feel you. Really feel you.

To look in to your open eyes and to watch you see the love in mine.

What I wouldn’t give to turn back time and start again.

To take back every word that wasn’t,”I love you” and every action that didn’t set you free.

To be stronger.

What I wouldn’t give to be tangled up in you again. Helplessly drowning in you. And you saving nothing from me.

To walk in silence broken only by a long, slow kiss under a bridge with grappling hands and held breath.

To see promise in your eyes and feel passion in your touch.

What I wouldn’t give to make it beautiful.

To make it what I never managed to keep.

For you to feel safe enough to let me love you and for me to feel strong enough to love myself.

What I wouldn’t give to see countless promises, empty no more.

To revive dreams pinned on your heart and hopes draped over your body.

To vanquish doubt and distance with “all in” and together.

What I wouldn’t give to touch you again.

To secretly smell your hair, even when we fight.

To make up in the way only we knew how.

What I wouldn’t give to have you again.

I just can’t give that.

And what I wouldn’t give to be able to.

Everything that I can give, you have and I have no interest in taking it back just yet.

You have my heart, my hope, my dreams and my mind.

Look after them for a while, while I find things to distract me from you.

What I wouldn’t give to never have loved you. Because it’s not true that loving and losing is better than never loving.

Whoever wrote that had never lost you.


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Author: Andy Charrington

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

Image: flickr

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