July 7, 2015

When you Look into the Eyes of a Stranger.


Have you ever noticed, sitting in a café, or walking through a busy shopping precinct, that you are never actually amongst strangers?

I know it can often seem that way.

Especially if we happen to be feeling low, or life is hard just now and we’re feeling bleak.

Those times when the world doesn’t feel kind, and everyone around us, every stranger we pass by, looks like they’re doing okay in their own world and that somehow we are on the outside.

And because so many of us at any one time can feel in that place, we keep our eyes down, cocoon ourselves from any more hurt or intrusion, and we don’t look.

Yet I promise you, when we do take that risk, when we do dare to look up, we see something amazing.

Something that, if we let it, will show us and remind us that there are no strangers really, that we are never truly alone, and that there is only ever One Being here.

Maybe you’ve already seen? Maybe you’re one of those who’ve risked it.

If so, you’ll already know just what I mean.

You’ll know what I’m referring to when I say, “It’s in the eyes.”

You’ll know how, so very often, we’ll see reflected back to us in the eyes of a complete stranger, as we pass each other by in what is sometimes the smallest, briefest of encounters, something of our own soul, our own being.

You’ll know that mystery that suddenly arises in you, that pang of remembering, that subtle flow which is a mixture of beauty and pain, joy and sadness, fear and longing, humanity and divinity…..that recognition of Oneness.

The Divine, Source, All That Is, or whatever you wish to call the creative force from which everything flows, receives the world and gives to the world very powerfully through the eyes.

This energy, this Beingness—which holds everything in its tender embrace, that sees and feels all, shares and experiences all, is all, and which is the greater part of who we are, all of us—can be seen through the eyes.

You immediately recognize that energy when you allow yourself to look, however fleetingly, into the eyes of another who is also allowing themselves to truly look. To look in all their vulnerability. In openness and Oneness.

They are the eyes you don’t want to look away from kind of eyes. They hold you in a very particular spell and bathe you in what feels like an eternal and loving embrace.

Something stirs deep inside you, a kind of remembering. You may not be able to formulate it, but you’ve seen it, and you’ve felt it viscerally. You know you have been touched by the Divine.

When you look into the eyes of those who are in touch with who they really are, who are simply in the flow of that beautiful energy, you find yourself suddenly dissolving into your own divine essence too.

It is one of those wonderful moments that reminds you that there is something else, something more. That you are something else, something more. You have a sense that you have grown taller, bigger, more powerful, and your heart swells.

Once you have become attuned to the way this can happen, you become increasingly tuned in also to the way in which the Divine reveals itself by appearing in the eyes of others.

And the more you see it, the more you find yourself recognizing those who have already grasped the most beautiful secret: that we are all One. It is Oneness that you have seen when you have been caught in one of those profound moments of recognition.

You can barely grasp it, because it is so fleeting. You have seen who you really are, and you have seen yourself in the eyes of another who, maybe for the briefest of seconds, saw reflected back at them through your eyes who they really are.

When those magical moments happen, we realize, with the most wonderful shock of recognition, that there is always only ever one Being present, taking an infinite variety of forms. And that this Being is who we are.

The delicious truth is that, if you let them, eyes can actually bring you Home to the essence which is you. And we come home in the eyes of another.

When that happens, we experience the glorious alive awareness of who we all truly are. And love. Always the most incredible love.

Oneness shines in the eyes of everyone. Look for it and you will see it. Know it, and you will allow others to see it too, in you.

And once we have seen it, we can never see anything else!



How to Experience Oneness


Author: Janny Juddly

Editor: Travis May

Photos: Deviant Art

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