July 10, 2015

Why am I Vegan? My Answers to the Age-Old Question.

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Living in Paleo land can be tough for a little vegan like me.

The mighty meat eaters of Colorado think I am just plain crazy. So the question “Why are you a vegan” comes up quite often.

Here is my answer for you:

1. My love and respect for the animals. I think all living beings are just as smart and important as the next. We all feel pain and happiness and we all long to be loved. I have always felt connected to animals in a deep spiritual sense and this makes it impossible for me to eat their flesh and feel good about it.

2. Because of the impact animal agriculture and factory farming has on our environment. Whether you believe you should or shouldn’t eat meat there’s no argument that we as Americans eat far too much of it. Animal agriculture alone is the number one user and polluter of water. This accounts for a huge proportion of our greenhouse gas emissions. I love our planet and I want it to be around for many generations to come.

3. My health. I’m a better athlete when eating a vegan diet (I have run many races and climbed several mountains, among other athletic feats, all while eating a vegan diet). My mental clarity is better, I am more focused. I am less fatigued and full of energy. All my body stats (blood pressure, cholesterol and body fat) are damn near perfect—lowering my risk of disease and early death significantly. I am a more productive citizen when I am in good health and I am much happier inside and out.

4. Basically, the meat industry is disgusting. I lower my chance of prion diseases (Mad Cow, Parkinson), which many link to Alzheimer’s as well by sustaining from meat. Many deadly parasites found in animal flesh are not killed by heat and could be lurking around in the meat eater’s body right now. I limit myself from environmental toxins (cows eat round up ready corn and are fed high doses of antibiotics for example). This industry is plain sickening and if you want to be scared for your life I suggest reading sections from John Robbin’s, Food Revolution.

There are many other small factors but these are my major reasons for eating a vegan diet.

For me it is a win-win all around.

Some say I will change my mind one day but I know I won’t because my heart is in the right place. It’s all about the animals that I love and respect dearly. Even though I believe almost anyone can be sustained on this kind of diet, if done properly, you have to do what you think is best.

However, simply going meatless one or two days a week or gradually cutting back on animal products can make a world of difference. Each small action makes a world of a difference to the animals, our planet and your body and soul.


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Author: Jayda Couch

Photo: flickr, flickr

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