August 1, 2015

5 Secrets to Survive a Summer Pregnancy.

summer pregnancy

It’s over 100 degrees, I’m sweating everywhere and I’m hugely pregnant.

Welcome to my summer. My due date is August 30, and there are days when I worry about spontaneous combustion.

The next person who says, “Wow, you must be hot” is going to feel my sweaty wrath.

Anyone having a summer pregnancy can relate.

Obviously having central air, a swimming pool or moving to the arctic is going to cool you down, but some of us don’t have this luxury.

As a Certified Health Coach, I’ve racked my brain for natural ways to cool down, that actually work—trust me these are the best.

Five secret ways to cool down your heater of a belly.

1. Water:

You’ve heard this a zillion times, but seriously drink more water. Your baby bump is going to make you sweat more and dehydration is no joke to your little bambino. Never leave the house without a water bottle and if you are getting bored with regular water, make some infusions. I love adding mint because it has a cooling sensation.

2. You are what you eat: 

So eat cooling foods! Raw fruits and vegetables are key. Think leafy greens, cucumbers, watermelon or any melon, mint, radish, coconut water, pomegranate and tomatoes. All of these foods are known to reduce your body temperature. Having fruits and vegetables cut up and ready to eat will help when you are melting in the kitchen. Spicy foods cool you down in a different way, making you sweat, but I found that spicy foods give me heartburn and the extra heat in my mouth made me more uncomfortable.

3. Better than ice cream:

Green smoothies are a better option than ice cream because ice cream will actually raise your body temperature due to the fat content. (Sorry ladies.) Green smoothies are delicious and incredibly nutritious, but it’s the quality of vitamins and minerals in whole, raw, fruits and vegetables that improve our endurance, strength, metabolic processes, hydrate us and repair tissues. I find the best way to sneak in more leafy greens in the heat, is in green smoothies. Everything is raw and some of the fruit is frozen, so they will be sure to cool you down. Check out how to make the best green smoothie here.

4. Hot spots:

This trick has saved me! Get a face cloth wet with cold water and place it on all your “hot spots.” Behind you knees, on your wrists, back of your neck, your belly, forehead and insides of elbows. Repeat as often as you want. You’ll be surprised how much this helps you to cool down mama.

5. Cold water:

So yes, swimming is magical, but not always feasible. Instead try a cool bath or shower—simply rinsing off a few times a day will work wonders. When you are out and about pack a spray bottle. I love to mist myself when there are some ice cubes in the bottle or I keep it in the fridge so the water is really cold. Misting will provide some relief when you’re bump feels like you are carrying around the Sahara desert.

Use these tips to keep your gorgeous bump cool so you can enjoy the summer and your pregnancy.

From one sweaty pregnant lady to another, good luck and stay cool. If you know a mama-to-be who’s pregnant glow resembles heat stroke, make you share this with her.

Which secret are you going to use today? Let us know in the comments below.


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