August 18, 2015

Crushing, Falling in Love & Living in Spring.

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“I fall in love just a little, oh a little bit every day with someone new” – Hozier

There are so many beautiful people in the world—old, young, short, tall, this, that. All of them have something beautiful about them, and I always seem to see it.

Perhaps it’s the way they lick the chocolate off their cappuccino or how they wear their comfy pants in public. Sometimes its the eloquent way they speak, with such manners, or the way they have relentless energy while chasing their children around.

We are all special and we are all full of love.

I saw a friend of mine today, and after spilling my guts about yet another crush I had developed since the last time I saw him (which was yesterday), he told me I always “live in Spring.”

Read into it however you like, but I found that to be a hugely uplifting compliment.

I used to believe having a crush was a cruel, grueling battle with our imagination and fantasies—until I realized it’s also a huge compliment.

The depth in seeing admirable qualities in another human being, surface aside, is something I have learned to really love. It doesn’t need to go further or develop into anything—it can simply be a crush.

Compliments can change a persons day, week or life. Consider it a verbal random act of kindness. But always be pure and honest—we can all see straight through the bullsh*t.

Let’s start today—make the conscious effort to compliment three people!

Notice how wonderfully your local barista did her hair today? Tell her. Did you see that great sweater your colleague is wearing at work today? Tell him. See how well that child skipped so sweetly? Tell her!

Look, observe and notice—because we all wake up in the morning, choose our outfit for the day and look in the mirror before we head out the door.

By simply complimenting someones style, personality or anything you deem worthy of praise—it will brighten their day.

After a while it will become habitual—just flowing out like rays of sunshine and projecting out into the world—you won’t even think twice about it.

Seeing these great qualities in others makes everyday more fun!

We become much more open to having random chats with people, we see traits in others we might love to reflect in ourselves, and we fall in love with people.

Focus on the good, and you will see that humans are all fantastic.

All of us, in our own way.

So, crush on someone tomorrow—fall in love.

Go on, I dare you!


**Author’s note: For me, the song below is the epitome of crushing, falling in love and “living in Spring!” 


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Author: Janene Price

Editor: Yoli Ramazzina

Photo: Flickr/Chris Halderman


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