August 23, 2015

Date a Man Who Does Yoga.

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You want a man who is mindful.

A mindful man is a gentleman.

He appreciates the higher consciousness that mindfulness brings and he likes to practice living as a conscious being through his yoga practice.

Date a man who treats going to yoga class with you as precious time together. He’s a man who you don’t have to bribe into coming to yoga with you for he wants to spend the time with you. Although he might not admit it, he enjoys yoga class just as much as you do.

Date a man who doesn’t see yoga as just strength training or weight training but as a workout for mind, body, and soul. This is a man who knows that mind, body, and soul need to work in unison to truly thrive and live vibrantly.

Date a man who is embodied. He treats his body as his temple and takes care of himself. Yoga is effortless for him because it is his practice for life—not just a once in a blue moon activity.

Date a man who is flexible mind and flexible in body. Your thoughts and your actions are orchestrated in sync as if two became one.

Because he’s flexible, he takes risks and is willing to try new things with you.

Date a man who respects your yoga mat as your own 2’ x 6’ island of freedom and expression. He knows that if you cry in the middle of yoga class, it’s all part of your processing. He knows your yoga practice is an emotional outlet.

He knows that you get on your mat to meet yourself where you’re at exactly at that moment and achieve meditation and freedom through movement.

Date a man who appreciates Lion’s Breath. He knows that when you stick your tongue out and roar like a lion you’re letting out anger and you’re cleansing your emotional body.

Date a man who knows there are some days where you’re not an all-star yogini. He’s a man who knows there are days when you don’t want to show off or go into handstand. He knows and respects that you’re okay when you spend most of class in child’s pose. He knows you’re just taking care of your body and your mind.

Date a man who cares about the chakras. He understands that the chakras are the energy centers of our bodies and the gateway to unlocking information about ourselves on a cellular and spiritual level.

Date a man who holds your hand in savasana, for this is a man who’s in it with you for the long run.






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Author: Caitlin Oriel

Editor: Renée Picard

Image: Ian Burt at Flickr 



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