August 14, 2015

Farmers’ Market Meandering. {Photos}

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The Farmers’ Market.

Well, it’s been there since the beginning. Since when I used to bike in with my dad from 76th and South Boulder Road and ride past the girls in the black bikinis playing volleyball.

The energy, the pace of the market is uniquely Boulder. People casually pandering around, gathering fresh veggies and local goodies.

A local guy attempts to convince me to sign a petition curbing the development in this town. I agree with him that the development is a bit out of hand.

But I move on.

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This project has given me an interesting look at the market.

I went to the market this summer to make photographs, but what I got was far beyond the photos. I had the opportunity to interact with countless people, each unique and inspiring in their own way.

It’s hard to decide what is more valuable, the interactions or the photographs.


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