August 29, 2015

F*ck the Labels & Just Be You.

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**Warning: f-bombs below!


Have you ever labeled yourself?

Have you been labeled by someone else? By society, friends, lovers, ex-lovers, ex-friends or even family?

I have.

We all have.

We slap labels on ourselves like stickers, accepting each one, until we’re walking around covered in these words, their stories, the bullshit names that we have placed on ourselves—or that others have given us.

And its not their fault—others have labels too, that they’ve blindingly accepted.

“You’re too sensitive.”

“Oh, right you are! Let me just write that down on a sticky note quickly, and tape it too my forehead, so I will never forget it. Cheers!”

So along we go—giving, receiving, accepting, judging and wearing these labels like dog tags for the rest of our lives.

It starts from the very second we are born—boy or girl. Now I get that there are some obvious ways in which this distinction might be a necessary one. But there are also many ways in which it’s not necessary. For instance, when we equate boy with the color blue, toy trucks, cowboys and being aggressive or rough. Or when we equate girl with the color pink, dresses, princesses and being sensitive or sweet.

Because that’s not always the case, is it? I know plenty of sweetly sensitive little boys, and plenty of loud, ratbaggish, amazing little girls—and I love it.

It doesn’t end there though, does it? Through primary school, high school and university, we hear—nerd, whore, stoner, geek, sporty, smart, and on and on.

These words aren’t just words. They are loaded with judgments, misconstrues, misconceptions, anger, hurt, fear and ignorance.

These words are labels—and labels are bullshit.

So, as of right now, I invite you to rip each off each one—each label— and just be you. Whatever that may be, and you don’t need to use words—you are you.

You are a magical being—a magnificent creation that will never be again.

So why do we, so often,  look to these labels?

Does it make life easier, to nominate, segregate, discriminate and regurgitate?

Is it simply easier to say, “I’m an introvert, a student and a heterosexual?”

Perhaps it is—perhaps that is the sad and true reflection of our cookie cutter, same-same, color-in-the-lines society.

But you know what these labels—this conformity and these unrealistic clone-like expectations—are not easier for?

Our souls.

Labels are never ever good for one’s soul.

Our souls do not want to fit in.

A soul does not want to be boxed up into being defined as feminine, demanding, lesbian, boisterous or generous.

Each soul is a unique expression of the universe.

Your soul knows what it wants—without prejudice, reason or persecution.

Your soul know what it wants—with passion, wisdom and with unbridled truth.

Your soul knows what it wants, without apology.

So right now I’m ripping off my labels, in front of you—for you, with you and for me.

Extovert, Health Coach, Sensitive, Empath, Party Girl, Ex-party Girl, Pisshead, Ex-pisshead, Runner, Univerity Student, Factory Worker, Grease Monkey, Slut, Promiscious, Brave, Bi, Gregarious, Spiritual, Hippie, Bogan, Attention Seeker, Generous, Open Hearted, Crazy, People Pleaser, Old Soul, Strong, Stoner, Lover, Fighter, Daughter, Sister, Best friend.

These are just to name a few.

I am none of these things, and I am all of these things.

I am all of these things, and I am none of these things.

I am fluid and changing and evolving and expanding—and the only thing I ever can and will be is me.

Just like the only thing you can ever be is you.

And that is what is brilliant—and epic and poetic—and down right, fucking beautiful.

Are you tired? I’m so very tired.

Tired of seeing the same thing—the same idealistic bullshit picture of perfection.

One that does not exist.

And why would we want it to?

Difference and expression and creativity—raw human-ness—is what makes this live worth living.

So who’s with me?

Stand up with me right now, and shout, “Fuck the labels!”

Embrace your beautiful contradictions, your exquisite imperfections and your damn fine self.

Even if you’re in a crowded café right now, I dare you—start a revolution with me!

Shout it out—wherever you are—right now.

Fuck the labels!

Lets raise the roof, and raise our vibration.

Strip the story. Forget the bullshit. Be wild. Be free. Be unapologetic. Be epic. Be you. Be beautiful you—always. With all that you are, and in everything that you do.

That is all you ever have to do—just be you.

Because you’re magic. You are irreplaceable. You are indescribable. You are indefinable.

Fuck the labels.

Be you.



Shaving My Labels.

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Author: Megan Gogoll

Editor: Yoli Ramazzina

Photos: Flickr/Bailey WeaverFlickr/Patrick Humphries

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