August 29, 2015

For all the Men who Don’t Understand Women.


A woman is a hugely misunderstood, magnificent being.

She is not complicated, confusing, difficult or hard work.

She is simply trying her best to navigate a world that she often finds complicated, confusing, difficult and hard work.

She is not a tight knot that you need to unravel or a complex puzzle that needs putting back together. She doesn’t want to be fixed, made better, or viewed as broken—and she definitely doesn’t want to be saved.

She just wants to be seen uniquely, for who she is.

Women are not all the same and none of them are “worth” more than the other.

Her value is not measured by the curve of her hips, the curls in her hair or the length or shape of her legs. What you see on the outside will fade, age and weather, but when all that changes the beauty of a woman remains the same.

Nature is deep within her and as she blossoms at each stage she will take away your breath as you watch her unfold.

She is powerful beyond any place your imagination will ever roam, so never underestimate the fire in her eyes. Although that fire can burn, it can also warm the coldest of hearts. She is not afraid to let it roar and when it does no one will fail to stand back in awe and amazement at how she ignites and brightens all that is around her.

A woman can be emotional, though, not everyone will have the privilege of witnessing the whole spectrum of colours that she is capable of radiating. She will guard and protect her innermost world, though when she feels safe she will open the palette and her shades will shine through.

She is wild at heart and she will wander barefoot through the untouched grass in reality and in fantasy. She wants to swim naked under the moonlit sky while the fireflies dance above.

She is no sinner, nor is she a saint. Don’t project onto her your ideal of what you think a woman should be. She will feel stifled, suffocated and invalidated. No woman should ever be silenced or have to compromise herself to please others. Let her be who she is. She will love you more for it.

Do not run from a woman and do not try to hide when her storm erupts. A woman wants you to hold her close and show that you will stand firm when the clouds grow dark. Nothing and no one has the capacity of rocking the foundations you have built when you stand shoulder to shoulder against the hurricanes, rain, wind and thunder when it arrives.

Her ribcage is strong, as it has had to encounter a thousand explosions within. Her heart has shattered and rebuilt many times over and she knows that to get to the truths that lie beneath she has to allow the light to shine in on them.

Do not fear the dark parts of her that have caused other men to crumble and fall to their knees. Every day she is learning how to prevent the triggers from being pulled. She is aware of her flaws and if you accept her for who she is you will see how quickly she rebounds and makes amends for her ways.

She is not perfect so please don’t look for that. She will never be. Though she will constantly strive to prevent the madness from prevailing. We all have a touch of crazy. It is as much a part of her as the kiss she hypnotises you with when it ends.

 A woman is magnificent, she is mysterious for sure, but mostly, a woman is a sensual, sexual, tender, intoxicating being that will captivate and enchant your heart, body and mind.

If you look into the eyes of a woman you will see deep into the soul of the divine creature that stands before you. You may be mistaken for thinking she is not of this world. She is ethereal and is a gift that deserves to be treasured.

She will take you to the edge of your extremes and bring you back again. Do not look at her, look through her. Let each part of her touch you where you’ve never been touched before.

Every woman deserves to be loved. Every woman deserves to tremble when touched. Every woman deserves the opportunity to know that her very existence is precious. Each breath she inhales in time with the beat of the universe matters more than she will probably ever realise.

She is everything. Never try to contain her. You will miss out on the greatest vision you are ever likely to see if you do.

Inside that woman is a vulnerable, though, fierce and boisterous girl. She may be scared at times but she is strong and prepared to put up one hell of a fight to find her way through the dark nights and onto the wide, open road that is waiting for her.

Walk with her. Look within her. Adore her.

Whoever she is. She is once in a lifetime. And she is worthy.


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Author: Alex Myles

Editor: Travis May

Image: Flickr/Eric May

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