August 7, 2015

For the Chaotic Spirits. {Poem}

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We are chaos.

We are indecision,
We are recklessness without abandon.

We are the storm,
The pouring rain,
The flying of sparks from a wide-open flame.

We are chaotic,
We will not repent,
Our souls know not the whisper of content.

We are the storm,
The harsh wind that blows
Which cannot be silenced whilst deep in it’s throes.

We love the chaos,
The twists and the turns,
The fire that ignites our souls as it burns.

We embrace the storm,
For it’s only from knowing
The darkness that allows the sunlight to flow in.

They perceive chaos,
An uncontrollable storm,
We see the beauty of our lives taking form.

We cannot be fixed,
For we are not broken.
More whole are we now, than with words left unspoken.

We are not missing pieces,
We are not defective,
Perhaps, in their judgement, what they lost was perspective.

We cannot conform
To a tight and strict mold,
There is beauty in madness that cannot be sold.

We yearn to create,
We strive to know more,
We will never feel freedom lest our souls free to soar.

They laugh and they judge,
But they don’t understand
There is wonder in holding the world in your hands.

So we may be chaotic,
There are storms in our hearts,
The inner works of our beings, an elaborate art.

We know we are whole,
And that we are complete,
There is wonder in feeling the world at your feet.

Take us as we come
Or here do we part,
We will not allow them to break us apart.



Our Sacred Manifesto. {Poem}


Author: Kim Elizabeth

Editor: Yoli Ramazzina

Photo: Pixoto

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