August 5, 2015

Holding Hands with Mister No-Action.

Marcus Meissner/Flickr

“The happiness of the bee and the dolphin is to exist. For man it is to know that and to wonder at it.” ~ Jacques Yves Cousteau

To be aware of the petals of each moment in time as they unfold and to marvel at the page of presence as we read it––isn’t that just the core of what makes life wonderful?

In a world that is hopelessly concerned with all the pressure of doing, it is admittedly not the most popular opinion to mention how much doing nothing but being fills my heart with joy.

Taking time to do nothing brings everything into perspective for me. To decompress and introspect, to wonder and process, to do nothing and be with everything is a ritual I couldn’t exist without.

I recently visited “The End of The World,” a place of raw wicked woods and wild raging waters at the northernmost point of Denmark, the Scaw Spit. The Scaw Spit is a reef top between two seas––Skagerrak and Kattegat––where the waves of the North Sea and the Baltic Sea delightfully devastate each other as they meet in kisses of play. It is a powerful setting for contemplation, the perfect combination of reality and poetry and the loveliest place to just be.

I took a shower in life itself, a swim in the waves of wonder, silently soaking myself in the existential bathtub of nothingness.

Kissed by the water and beaten by the wind, lost in the outer waves of wildness and found in my inner fields of fantasies, I met my secret lover, Mister No-Action.

We were floating together in the waves of nothingness and relaxing ensemble on clouds of silence. We were getting most joyfully absorbed in each other, Mister No-action and I.

I shall never cease to get bored of holding hands with Mister No-Action, his flame of timelessness is the most profound fire I have ever found. My heart is raptured by his passion for passively doing and actively being.

Being absorbed into the quiet realm of nothingness, I was. I simply was.

I was sensing the silence, sniffing the sounds, contemplating, listening to and perceiving the sea.

In those moments of nothingness, I existed in a state elevated beyond all that we hear, touch or see.

I embraced all the small things of life. In their own grand oceans of wisdom, they expanded limitlessly.

In these sporadic seas of time, each moment was sacred. And I found a gift to be held forever, the hand of Mr. No-Action.

By doing nothing, I became everything. I was baptized in being.

This wasn’t an end but a beginning. This is how I began to be.

“Open the door of nature; enter inside; forget yourself; think nothing; be the nature itself and now you are a heron, a river, a rosehip, you are the shadow of a fox, sweet fruit of a tree, you are the silence of a lake! When you forget yourself, when you stop thinking, you become everything, you become the universe itself!” ~ Mehmet Murat İldan


Author: Cecilia Vinkel

Assistant Editor: Caitlin Oriel

Image: Marcus Meissner at Flickr

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