August 27, 2015

How to Have an Orgasm without Being Touched. {Adult}

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{Caution: adult content ahead!}


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have an orgasm without being touched?

I had a conversation with a friend who’s had this experience, so like an eager student of the universe, I sent out this half-joking request: “Dear God, tomorrow I’d like to have an orgasm, in a way that will pleasantly shock and surprise me.”

It was a very matter of fact request, that I didn’t give much thought to, but I wanted to playfully put it out there and see what the universe brought my way. The next afternoon—having completely forgotten about my playful request—I felt my body rise to ripples of pleasures which are only experienced in the height of sexual arousal.

But I had not one sexual thought.

In fact, I was meditating, and I felt a deep connection to God. I felt Divine presence and love throughout my body, like liquid gold. In this particular style of meditation—I cup my hands in front of my heart and envision God pouring gifts of love and abundance into my hands. I felt God’s ecstatic and divine love pouring down into my crown chakra and into my heart, penetrating me to my core. This divine energy poured out from my heart into my cupped hands. God’s love came through me and back to me.

This giving and receiving energy conjured up an intense heat and tingling in my body, which starting to rise from my base chakra up into every cell of my body. At first I did not give it much attention to this sensation, until I realised what is happening.

“Holy F**k”, I thought, “I’m having an orgasm!”

The feeling was so much more intense than I had ever experienced during sex.

It was so intense—and unexpected—that it kind of freaked me out and made me uncomfortable. I felt like I I was going to explode, so I quickly halted the experience, declining to succumb to the sensation or allow it to continue.

Then I remembered the initial intention I had sent out previously, and I thought to myself, “This intention setting thing actually works—the magic of the universe continues to amaze me!”

Not wanting to be ungrateful for my new found experience, I set another intention—to work on grounding and embodying my higher vibration, so that if it happened again I would be ready.

I asked the universe for new ways to be surprised and delighted.

On the next occasion, I was with a lover, and—during the act of giving him oral pleasure—I was also able to receive pleasure and reach orgasm without being touched.

My energy was fully aligned with his, and being so in-tune with the purity of giving—without needing anything in return—I could feel every pulse of pleasure through his body.

As he orgasmed—I also orgasmed unexpectedly.

“Well, that was a first!” I declared. I was, once again, shocked and delighted.

I’m not surprised, however, that these first two unexpected, delightful incidents occurred at a time when I was experiencing lessons of abundance, and working with the energy of giving and receiving without control.

Like many other women I know, I was trapped in the masculine energy of doing and had issues with receiving in my life. When I began to look deeply into this, I had to admit that my giving was somewhat controlled. I felt completely “spent” in the giving department, because I was doing so out of a desire to “please people” and because of my inability to say no. My intention was often tainted.

When I realised this—that very night, I had my first orgasm without touch, solely from giving pleasure.

When we focus on giving to someone sincerely, from the pureness of our hearts, then we significantly enhance our ability to receive.

There will be no separation between giving and receiving—the energy becomes the same.

With orgasm, we are often too caught up in the chasing of our own desire. Ironically, this actually limits our own ability to receive pleasure. This can be said for any desire that we are chasing—even when we meditate and are seeking peace. We are often too focused on achieving what we seek, and not on allowing the actual act to bring pleasure to all of our senses.

Receiving comes with surrender and allowance. When our hearts are sincerely open, we automatically allow the flood gates to open within the lower chakras, and we can ride the wave of pleasure.

We have so much to experience from life when we are in complete oneness with everything and everyone around us.

Life becomes orgasmic when we can both give and receive with no separation.


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Photo: Flickr/Joana Coccarelli

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