August 31, 2015

I am Not Yours to Keep.


You cannot possess me with the softness of your fingertips.

You cannot shackle me to your heart.

You cannot contain me,

Not with velvety promises

Or honey-drenched secrets whispered into my ear at dawn.

You cannot lull me to sleep with the familiar sweetness of your lips.

I am not yours to keep.

I love you madly, more desperately with each day that passes,

But I do not belong to you.

I belong to the crisp breeze that blows a moment after midnight as the crickets chirp a sorrowful song to the ripe full moon.

I belong to strangers’ smiles and golden sunbeams and freshly spilled tears.

I belong to restlessness.

I will forever sway and change direction and sometimes run far, far away.

I cannot be kept; I cannot fit in any f*cking jar.

Try bottling lightning, baby—if you dare—

You won’t get anywhere.

I am not yours to keep.

I never was.

I am yours to love.

I am yours to hold.

I am yours to kiss.

But I don’t belong to you.

I will forever belong to the racing heartbeat of the world.

Psst, darling, there’s a little more to the story—another luscious layer hidden underneath my skin.

Because as much as I adore singing my wild, juicy songs of restlessness,

As much as I love freedom to the moon and back, and back again,

I also have to say this:

I’m scared sh*tless.

I don’t know how to be in love—maybe no one does.

I’m petrified of having my heart trampled on; my soul sucked dry; my independence stolen.

But sometimes, when you’re near, I want to lean in—just a little bit closer—

And show you more of me

And see more of you

And let myself be with you, fully.

And trust you to keep me.

And be brave enough to belong to you.

I’m scared, darling,

I’m scared.


Author: Sarah Harvey

Editor: Toby Israel

Photo: Flickr/katmary


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Read 2 comments and reply

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