August 8, 2015

Jupiter in Virgo: What to Expect When the Universal Luck Factor Takes on a New Skin.

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Opportunity is always in play in some facet of each of our lives—we just may not realize it or fully understand how to tap into its potential. I’m here to help shed a little light on the situation.

Given that Astrology is so phase-oriented, it’s helpful to know what is being emphasized in addition to when the best time to go after it is.

When it comes to opportunity and its mode of operation, finding out what Jupiter’s up to is most important. He’s the “great giver” in the zodiac, and his phases are important when it comes to all things good and great.

Each time a new Jupiter phase begins, a new energy comes onto the scene—and that time is rapidly approaching.

In the show of life, the curtains are about to open and the planet most associated with good fortune is about to steal the show. I’m excited about it, and in all honesty, he’s got my attention already.

Jupiter, the planet most known for delivering opportunity, luck and abundance, is gearing up for a big transition into a new sign. On August 11th, 2015, he will officially enter the sign of Virgo and luck will begin to take on a whole new skin. The “universal luck factor” is about to switch up and take on a brand new meaning. I think it’s important to know how this new mode looks and feels in order to take advantage of the benefits.

Each Jupiter phase change happens about once a year and emphasizes different key themes with each transition. For instance, Jupiter’s travel through the sign of Leo (since mid-July 2014) created opportunity with love, creativity and children. Now opportunity will begin to take on a new feel, and it’s going to be connected to the sign of Virgo (the sign after Leo). Looking further out, Jupiter will transition into Libra next—but that’s not until September 2016.

Right now, with Jupiter beginning to operate in Virgo, we’re going to start seeing the benefits in the littler things. Opportunity is going to be there for us to clean up fine details, and practical matters are going to start mattering more.

Given that Virgo is a practical and disciplined sign, benefits can be gained in anything pertaining to buckling down and getting serious. Over the course of the next year, energy will be just right to hone in and clean up the details of all those big/creative projects we started to think about while Jupiter was in Leo.

Here’s a list of the top five major themes we’ll be able to take advantage of during Jupiter’s operation in Virgo:

Dieting & Health:

Virgo energy is very connected to the body and its function. If a push is needed to get serious about health or starting a diet, Jupiter in Virgo is going to be available to help. There’s also going to be a shift into getting more health centered and caring more about what we’re putting into our bodies. On a more global scale, we may see more food legislation and more focus on supplement regulation.

Practical Matters:

Things of a practical nature are going to start getting more of our attention. While Jupiter was in Leo, creativity, fun and love were center themes. Now, luck will turn to a more practically natured energy. Maybe we started a relationship in the previous stage and now it’s time to focus on the practical element of the relationship (i.e., are we really compatible?). Another example might be that we started a business or came up with a big idea and now it’s time to start doing those tedious things that will make it a reality.

Schooling & Study:

Virgo enjoys becoming a master of his craft. It’s a mindset that can focus in on the details and dive into the intricacies of new things. This period is going to be great for taking up a new study on something—whether it be actually going back to school, learning a new task or adding extra skills to our craft set.

Financial Affairs:

Money and getting our financial affairs in order work well with Virgo energy. If we need some self-discipline to save for a big purchase or pay off old debts, Jupiter’s new mode of operation will be helping out big time.

Of course there will be other matters that get our attention as well, but these are going to be the areas that we’ll really be able to gain from. Faith and belief in achieving a goal is also going to be around. If there is anything regarding self-discipline that needs attention in our lives, the perfect time is almost here to get it going.

It is true that some of the signs will get to reap the rewards a little more than others, but there’s lot of potential there for everyone.

Virgo will benefit the most from Jupiter’s travel through their sign. Every person born under this sign is embarking upon a fortunate phase where opportunities will begin to manifest easier and more steadily.

The other Earth signs (Taurus & Capricorn) also stand to benefit more since they work well with Virgo energy.

Individuals born during the following years also stand to gain a little more:

1944/45, 1955/56, 1967/68, 1979/80

They are embarking upon their Jupiter return, which happens every 12 years and begins a brand new cycle. A Jupiter return occurs when the lucky planet returns to the place he was living in when we were born. When it happens, we tend to feel more optimistic and confident in our outlook. Good things start manifesting and a new period of abundance takes root.

No matter how you slice it, the universal luck factor is taking on a new skin. Understanding it and knowing the areas of benefit will be able to help each and every one of us—no matter what your sign or year of birth.

Take advantage of this Jupiter in Virgo period and start thinking about the best way to personally tap into and reap the rewards.

Jupiter will officially enter the sign of Virgo on August 11, 2015 and remain there till September 9th, 2016.


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