August 12, 2015

Let’s Get Nude, Nude, Nude.

Zen, nude Photographer has given permission to use this image with photo credit.

Lately I have just wanted to be naked, as much as possible.

Starkers, bare bummed, nudie rudie patootie, that’s me.

Obviously not in public, but as much as I can in my own company. Being completely naked, and comfortable in your own skin is very liberating.

It all started on my trip around the world. Mainly I am in company of others in hostels and on tours, and then when I get the chance to get my gear off in my own company, boom, off it comes, stripped naked, clothes deemed completely unnecessary.

As I travel through hot climates, warm stuffy muggy nights are even more conducive to being naked. After my shower, if I have my own space, I strut around my room, owning it, feeling free, unencumbered, happy and comfortable in my own skin. It is a great feeling. I get nudists. I totally get them now.

Baring all began in a Turkish Hamam. Here I had to de-robe, bare all, flash my white bum, to this old Turkish lady, who I am sure has really seen it all. Every combination and version of boob, and bum, and flab and bone, oh boy, she has seen it. At first I felt shy, covering my privates, and then after all that hot water and calming massaging, I became a new liberated woman. Here me roar, in the buff.

I realised that years of dieting and often feeling very uncomfortable naked, was all bullshit. The more you are naked the better you feel. So many people have body issues, I think, the more you strut around naked, the better you will feel about your body. It worked for me, and I know it can work for you.

Regardless of your shape or weight, it is very important to feel good in your own skin. This relates to so many other aspects of our lives. And if you don’t feel good in your own skin, then make a deal with yourself that you will do something about fixing it and get on with feeling awesome.

Recently I was on a cruise, where most of the time, these two gorgeous 18-year-olds strutted around in no more than a bikini. Baring the most beautiful bodies you could possible find. Big breasts, skinny waists, tanned, athletic, slim and just gorgeous. Lucky little devils.

The thing was, I bet they didn’t even realise or appreciate how hot they really were. At one stage I felt like telling them but didn’t want to appear creepy. I too was hot once, and I never appreciated it! I always thought I was not skinny enough, or brown enough, or had this bump or this curve, or this blemish.

To be completely honest I was smoking hot. I just didn’t know it. I just wish I could have appreciated my hotness more when I had it! Damn!

The older I get the more I realise how important it is to feel comfortable in your own skin. Exercise, eat well, work out, stretch, lift weights and eat super healthy. Do what you can to feel good about your body. It carries you through so much in life, and if we do not look after ourselves, we tend to feel like crap, unhappy and dissatisfied.

Being naked can make you feel more connected to your body, out of your head and in touch with yourself as a whole. It sounds simple, but if you don’t spend much time naked, like me previously, then you won’t know what I mean until you try it.

It really does feel good. And sleeping naked, even better!

So what are you waiting for? Get those clothes off!

Do you agree? Is being naked awesome for you too?



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Author: Anita Ozolins

Editor: Renee Jahnke

Image: Guido Argentini 


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